Here's how you can land a job in this growing Houston-area community

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Thursday, May 13, 2021
If you need a job ASAP, these employers in The Woodlands area are hiring
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There's no time like the present to get hired! Here are some of the jobs available and how much they pay.

THE WOODLANDS, Texas (KTRK) -- With more people moving to the Woodlands, it's also creating many new job opportunities that ABC13 wants to help residents find.

"It is a hot area to want to start a business in, or plant your business in," Workforce Solutions officer manager Nicole Quintero explained. "Largely, due to the talent pool in that area."

The pool attracts all kinds of businesses that create everything from entry-level jobs, to other positions with more skill.

The latest state jobs report showed nearly 80,000 people in Montgomery County applied for unemployment during the pandemic. That's the third-highest total in southeast Texas.

If you lost a job in the area, you might want to start here. There's a Workforce Solutions office in Conroe.

The agency is open by appointment only, but you can still get all of its free services virtually.

"We can help with interviewing skills," Quintero explained. "We can help you find what's opening, and who's hiring. We can help with resume review and help you fine-tune your resume to have it make a good impact."

On Thursday, ABC13 took it a step further by partnering with the agency to host a virtual job fair, featuring about 1,500 jobs, with many of them in The Woodlands area.

Some of the jobs pay $30 an hour.

The focus is on The Woodlands area for our ABC13+ series, but the 30-minute virtual event featured hundreds of jobs throughout the Houston area.

You can watch the full event now in the video player above.

To preview the jobs, visit the Workforce Solution's website, and look for the "as seen on ABC13" section. If you need a job, the participating employers are looking to fill spots quickly.

"We do work specifically to find employers that want to hire now," Quintero said. "This is not like a pool where we're gathering information to hire you later."

One place looking to hire in the area is Premier Worldwide. The distributor said it needs truck drivers, whether they've just received their license, or have years of experience.

"The opportunity is out there," Premier Worldwide general manager Ricky Garcia said. "Right now, there's just a shortage. A shortage of drivers."

If you have experience, and a clean driving record, the company is ready to help you hit the road.

"I can put you in that truck for $1,500 a week," Garcia said. "That would be your salary."

To learn more about the positions, visit Premiere Worldwide.

Another company that moved from north Houston to Conroe is looking to hire, and you could work on a product that's become valuable during the pandemic.

"We're here to provide as much toilet paper as you need," Texas Tissue Converting human resources assistant, Alexia Macias explained. "Come work with us. Apply online, and we look forward to meeting all these great candidates."

Texas Tissue Converting recently moved into a 400,000 square foot facility and is looking to hire more than 50 people.

There are entry-level positions to those who have a Bachelors Degree in engineering.

"If you're a recent graduate looking for hands on experience, this is for you," Macias explained. "It's directly hands on with highly automated paper converting equipment."

To apply for Texas Tissue Converting positions, visit their website.

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