5 shocking facts about mom and baby abduction cases, according to experts

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A frantic search for a missing mother and her daughter came to a shocking discovery when the mom's body was believed to be found in northwest Harris County on Friday.

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ABC13 spoke with Beth Alberts, the CEO of the Texas Center for the Missing and director of the Houston Regional Amber Alert Plan. Here's what she said about abduction cases involving moms.

1. Statistics and past cases show most abduction cases of an adult and an infant by a stranger are incredibly rare.

2. They're so rare, the chances are less than 1 percent.

3. It's almost unheard of that a mother would run away or willingly leave her home with only one child when she has other children.

4. Infant abduction or baby replacement are the only types of abductions that are typically done by women, according to law enforcement.

5. Alberts says baby replacement cases almost always involve someone the mother knows, someone who has stalked the mother or someone who possibly was present throughout the pregnancy.

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