Enjoying your pool during the pandemic

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Monday, July 20, 2020
ABC13+ Katy: ABC13 Home & Commercial
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Our ABC13PLUS series is all about finding fun things for you to do while staying safe. We'll be reporting from Katy and Fulshear all week, and today, we're taking you to your own backyards!

Personal swimming pools may be one of the safest places you can be right now.

According to the CDC, there's no evidence that COVID19 can spread through water, but if you really want to be careful, you can always use chemicals to inactivate the virus.

"It's all about sanitation. Every week we're adding the chlorine, we're adding the chemicals to the pools. We're killing what's inside that pool," said ABC Home and Commercial Services Pool Manager Brent Weikel.

Technicians with ABC Home and Commercial Services say they've been busier than ever this summer.

In this heat, they're even installing chillers that will bring water temperatures down 7-10 degrees.

"People have less to do and they're spending time with their families and they really need that pool."