House filled with critters causes problems for neighbors

Thursday, February 4, 2016
Abandoned House
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Abandoned home in Third Ward creates issues for neighbors

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A run-down property is causing major problems for families in one Third Ward neighborhood.

The home, located on Barbee Street near Texas Southern University, is in very bad shape. Neighbors say it's infested with termites, raccoons and possums which are creeping into their yards.

Sherby John Guillory claims to have spent close to ten thousands of dollars replacing wooden furniture ruined by termites and installing wire to keep animals from nesting beneath his house.

"I call it my 9-year-nightmare. I thought when I moved to Houston, great neighborhood, bought my little dream house, and I started doing repairs here and there...and every time I look out my window, there is this monstrosity," said Guillory.

Eyewitness News tracked down the owner of the property who said she plans on demolishing the home in the next few months.

Guillory is hopeful his nine-year nightmare will come to an end soon.

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