Agatha Christie's great-grandson reacts to latest film inspired by her work

'A Haunting in Venice' is based on a popular Agatha Christie novel

ByGina Sirico OTRC logo
Friday, September 15, 2023
Agatha Christie's family reacts to new film based on her work
Agatha Christie's great-grandson talks about 'A Haunting in Venice,' the latest Poirot mystery and the author's legacy.

LOS ANGELES -- Agatha Christie's beloved mystery novels have been made into more than thirty movies around the world. The latest is "A Haunting in Venice," which is based on "Hallowe'en Party." In this one, we see detective Hercule Poirot investigating a murder that takes place during a séance at a haunted palazzo in Venice, Italy.

On The Red Carpet spoke to Agatha Christie's great-grandson, James Prichard, who is a producer on "A Haunting in Venice."

"It does feel very different from the previous films, in fact, possibly different from any other Agatha Christie I've come across," Prichard said. "It definitely has its shocking moments! There are moments where you jump out of your seat. But it has a very haunting tone and that comes from Venice, and it comes from the kind of presence or not of the supernatural."

That's likely because screenwriter Michael Green wanted "A Haunting in Venice" to be inspired by the beloved novel and not just a direct adaptation.

"We were very fortunate that everyone involved quickly saw it and got excited about turning "Hallowe'en Party" into a ghost story that takes place in a scary, scary home on a scary, scary night," Green said.

Prichard said he is still amazed at the love his great-grandmother's work continues to receive.

"I was always told at some stage this would all end," Prichard said. "I think now we can be clear that it won't ever end. I think she is one of those extraordinary authors that will go on forever."

"A Haunting in Venice," starring Kenneth Branagh, Michelle Yeoh, Jamie Dornan, Tina Fey and more, is in theaters September 15.