Exclusive set visit: '9-1-1' meets 'The Bachelor' in a primetime crossover event

Who's ready for 'The Bachelor's' Joey Graziadei's acting debut?

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Tuesday, April 2, 2024
'9-1-1' meets 'The Bachelor,' in a primetime crossover event
On The Red Carpet spoke to the cast of the '9-1-1' x 'The Bachelor' crossover in an exclusive set visit.

LOS ANGELES -- With the onset of pirates and a capsized ship, season seven of "9-1-1" has set sail as the most dramatic season so far.

And with its 100th episode on the horizon, they knew they'd have to go big with an epic "The Bachelor" crossover episode.

On The Red Carpet visited the Bachelor Mansion in an exclusive set visit.

We spoke to Oliver Stark, who portrays Buck, a firefighter at the LAFD. Stark remarked, "I'm super excited to be here. It's exciting and cool that we get to be here at the actual Bachelor Mansion."

Ryan Guzman, who plays firefighter Eddie Diaz, wondered, "Where are the roses? I want to see that!"

Speaking of roses, Joey Graziadei, whose season of "The Bachelor" recently concluded, explained the premise of the episode. "It's night one where some of the women do normal entrances, and then someone finds their way in to do a crazy entrance."

How many Bachelors can say they've filmed two "night ones" of their own season? We can't wait to see what the contestant does to end up in such a dilemma.

In an age of streaming and limited series, it's no small feat for a TV show to reach 100 episodes!

Legendary actress Angela Bassett, who plays Athena, commented on the momentous occasion. "Being a part of '9-1-1,' I never envisioned I would be on a series for six years, 100 episodes. So, this is evidence of dreams you didn't know you were having coming true!"

The 100th episode of "9-1-1" premieres Thursday, April 4 at 8p/7c on ABC.

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