Freeway overpasses hit by trucks with large loads

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- It seems like an epidemic as oversized trucks are hitting overhead bridges while traveling on Houston freeways.

The latest one happened Tuesday morning, when the Eastbound lanes of I-10 had to be shut down after an oversized truck hit the Houston Avenue bridge.

This was the third time the bridge had been hit in the last month.

The other two strikes happened on September 17 and October 6.

TxDOT reopened the lanes after inspecting the bridge and determining that there was no threat to safety.

The agency is working to hire a contractor to make repairs.

The W. Dallas Bridge over I-45 wasn't so lucky. An oversized load hit it back on September 2.

The bridge will have to be demolished and rebuilt. Until then, no heavy trucks can use the bridge.

In each of these cases, the truck drivers were either not permitted, or had diverted from their approved route, according to TxDOT spokesperson Danny Perez.
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