Man who escaped court writes apology letter to judge

FLORIDA (KTRK) -- A Florida inmate who escaped from a Broward County courthouse earlier this summer is back in the news.
He's in custody again, and he's apologizing to the judge on the bench for the day he ran away.

At some point after his recapture in July, Dayonte Resiles put pen to paper and wrote a letter to his trial judge, Raaj Singhal.

The same judge on the bench when Resiles sprinted from a courtroom the morning of July 15, shedding his jumpsuit as he ran.

"Your honor", he wrote:
"I don't wish to waste your time so, I will get straight to the point. I want to apologize for escaping from your courtroom. I hope you don't take it personal because you're one judge that I have great respect for."

Resiles had been in Singhal's courtroom for a death penalty hearing.

He's charged with the 2014 stabbing death of a Davie woman, who, according to police, caught him burglarizing her home.

In his letter, he wrote:
"I felt I was at a dead end with nowhere to turn to. I tried to appeal to everyone to prove to them I was innocent, but my voice went unheard. Safe to say, now I have received enough attention and people believe in my innocence.

I just ask you to please judge me fairly. I don't want you to be biased toward me because of the escape. When I escaped my whole reason was to gather enough info on my case to prove my innocence. As you can see, I didn't commit any crimes, hurt anyone, or go far. I just wanted time to prove my innocence. Thanks for your time."

At a hearing after his re-arrest, despite the seriousness of the charges, he couldn't stop smiling.

His own attorney says he has a flat rule, don't write to the judge.

"A third party told me that he wanted to write a letter, and i told the third party that they were in communication with him not to write any letter, " Dohn Williams, Resiles' attorney said.

Dayonte Resiles, once again, doing things his own way.
He also promised others he would be sending letters on his behalf as well.
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