Breast cancer survivor wants her horse back

Andrea Brooks was heartbroken last month when she discovered 'Beautiful' missing (KTRK)
May 2, 2014 8:43:44 PM PDT
A breast cancer survivor hopes the public can help her find her stolen horse.

For Andrea Brooks, just walking into the barn is heartbreaking.

"I miss her so much and I want her back," said Andrea.

The stall she rents is empty. Her beloved horse, 'Beautiful' is gone. The Tennessee Walker was not only part of the family. For years, she was Andrea's motivation.

"I was able to channel what I was dealing with to another, you know, body that needed love too," she said.

Beautiful has seen Andrea, a breast cancer survivor, through two surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation treatments. She is now in remission and attributes some that to Beautiful.

"We have an unexplainable connection," said Andrea.

The news that came April 15 was hard to bear.

"I was devastated," said Andrea.

A fellow renter discovered both his horse, Gunsmoke, and Andrea's Beautiful missing. They believe someone broke into the barn in northeast Houston, cut the hinges on the gates to their stalls and led them out the back.

Andrea has called police and circulated fliers hoping for Beautiful's return.

"There is a reward," said Andrea. "Just return her, no questions asked."

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