Dog reunited with family after vet mixup

Monday, November 21, 2016
Yorkie let loose by vet clinic employee fond and returned
After a strange series of events, a lost Yorkie was returned to its owner on Saturday.

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- There's a happy ending to a scary ordeal for one family and its pup.

Their Yorkie Libby got outside last week and was picked up by a vet clinic worker.

Through an odd series of events, a different clinic employee handed the dog off to a friend, who ended up setting the dog loose in a park, all without clinic management ever knowing the dog was brought in.

A family found the dog near Stafford and took it home all the way to Baytown.

After the Eyewitness News story Friday, they tracked down the owner and reunited them.

"He paused it and held her up to the screen of the picture and always yeah this is her," said owner Theresa Tiemann.

The Stafford Oaks vet clinic whose employee lost track of the dog, was also relieved to hear she's back home.

They also donated a microchip to help make sure Libby is easier to track down if she ever gets out in the future.