Man recreates old Baytown arcade into ultimate game room

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Wednesday, February 26, 2020
'Yesterdays' in-home arcade is every video gamer's dream!
This in-home "arcade of memories" will take you back in time!

"Yesterdays" is every video gamer's dream!

This in-home arcade of memories created by Barry Evans in Dayton, Texas, was based off one of his favorite things to do as a child - hang out at "Yesterdays" in the San Jacinto Mall in Baytown, Texas.

"Yesterdays" includes tens of thousands of video game memorabilia like signs, posters, figurines, video game machines and more.

Evans started collecting in 1991 with a Dragon's Lair machine and a small Sonic the Hedgehog bubble gum dispenser.

Take a tour of this ultimate game room in this edition of "All Good."