Houston Roughnecks respond to fan stranded halfway to game asking for ride home

When a Roughnecks fan became stranded halfway through his trip to watch them play in Dallas, he turned to social media to get some help from the Houston team.

After months of having issues with his truck, Colby Murray told ABC13 that it finally gave out, leaving him stranded in the middle of Buffalo, Texas. With no way home in sight, Murray posted a video to Twitter tagging the Roughnecks and asking for a ride home.

"I made the video thinking it would be funny if the Roughnecks saw it," Murray said. "And when they did, they instantly started looking for rides for me to the game."

Murray tweeted his video with the caption, " The Venmo has never been more open. @XFLRoughnecks please pick up on the drive home."

Sure enough, the tweet caught the attention of the undefeated team who replied with, "DM us, we'd love to have you at the game #NoRoughneckLeftBehind."

But, despite the team's efforts and reaching out to Uber and Lyft, Murray remained stranded in the small, rural town with no drivers in the area.

"Once it became clear I was going to miss kickoff, the Roughnecks and I agreed it probably wasn't going to happen," Murray said. "That's when I called my friend for a ride."

Murray says his friend drove two hours to help him and watched the game on his phone during the ride back home.

"They (Roughnecks) said they would reach out after the game, so I'm excited to see what's going to happen," Murray told Eyewitness News.

When asked about his truck, Murray explained it was totaled and he left it with a note attached at an auto-repair store asking them to call him.
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