Woman calls Uber driver who accused her of attacking him 'the devil'

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Woman accused of assaulting an Uber driver claims she never hit him. (KTRK)

The woman accused of assaulting an Uber driver appeared in court Monday. Just moments before going before the judge, she lashed out at her accuser.

"He was the devil, okay," said Monique Lookadoo.

She says she didn't assault the Uber driver but that she did cuss him out.

"He was very rude. I cursed him out. Yeah, I cursed him out," said Lookadoo.

That is her side of the story.

Uber driver, and 22-year military veteran, Arthella Perkins has his.

"Started hitting me across the head and shoulders, slapped me and closed fists," said Perkins.

"I did not put my hands on the man," said Lookadoo.

Where their stories do add up is in the first few minutes of meeting each other.

They both agree their argument started over the fact Lookadoo didn't know the exact address of where she wanted to go.

Lookadoo explained to ABC13 that she is new to Houston and didn't know where she was going.

Perkins said he tried to cool things down with some Christian music but it didn't help.

"She became more agitated by me showing her respect. The more I called her 'ma'am' the more she got upset," said Perkins.

He said he called 911 and that Lookadoo tried to end the call.

Lookadoo was arrested.

Monique Ann Lookadoo is accused of assaulting an Uber driver.

Monday morning during her court appearance she was taken to jail.

Lookadoo was arrested in August for criminal mischief and was out on bond at the time of her arrest.

According to court papers, Lookadoo was arrested for breaking a window to a home, and then dropping her purse on the scene.

ORIGINAL REPORT: 'The woman was hitting me': Uber driver attacked by female passenger in Houston

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