Immersive Park In Downtown LA

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Tuesday, January 12, 2021
Experience 360 immersive art in DTLA
3 Domes with 360 projecting mapping technology.

Wisdome LA is a 5-dome immersive art park in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. Each dome offers a unique and immersive art experience where guests can not only see the art, but interact with it. Whether it's 3D digital art, Microdose VR, or visual projection mapping guests will be transported to other realities they never thought possible. During this holiday season, Wisdome LA is highlighting two special experiences for visitors; Dream of China, the first immersive 360 festival celebrating Chinese art and elctronic dance music in Los Angeles. And ETHERICA: A Galactic Sound Journey, with live mantra performance, sacred instruments, breathwork, energy healing, intention setting meditation, body movement and 360 stunning visuals to relax and recharge yourself. For more details follow them of social media