Plants can help freshen up indoor air during winter months

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Friday, January 26, 2024
Plants can help freshen up indoor air during winter months
Finding a new house plant can freshen up indoor air during winter months, Wilmette's Chalet Garden and Nursery says.

CHICAGO -- Jennifer Brennan stopped by ABC7 Chicago to discuss ways to beat the "Winter Season Blues" with the power of plants.

Brennan is a horticultural information specialist at the Chalet Garden and Nursery center in Wilmette, Illinois. She offered information on how plants contribute fresh air to people's homes with the windows closed.

Brennan said there are many benefits to bringing living plants into your home:

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  • More oxygen: Plants photosynthesize using the carbon dioxide that humans exhale and sunlight and release oxygen into the atmosphere
  • Detoxing the atmosphere: air-quality improvements due to the filtering effects of plants proven by NASA
  • Houseplants clean air by filtering out potentially dangerous chemicals from our inside environments

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