Investigations at 2 universities after racist rants caught on video

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Wednesday, April 25, 2018
Racist videos prompt investigations from 2 universities
Reporter Toni Yates has the latest on the now viral videos.

WAYNE, New Jersey -- A racist and vulgar rant by two women has sparked an investigation at two separate universities.

One of the students has been identified as a sorority member at William Paterson University.

Officials and other students at that school call it disgusting.

In one of the videos posted on social media, the student asks if it's appropriate or not for her to say the slang version of the N-word, since it is used in many popular songs.

In the second video, the entire rant is racy and the same word is used.

The woman identified as a William Paterson University student, is a member of Delta Phi Epsilon. The other woman in the video is said to be a Penn State student.

The videos are being denounced by some students at the school.

"I think to put it out there on social media is unprofessional," said William Paterson University senior Theo Sicurella.

Students were asked, is her question valid? The word can be heard in songs that millions of people listen to.

"We took that from something that was ignorant and made it our own thing to make us feel better as people about it, but overall I don't think you're in a place where you can use it for your own support," said junior Shakeem Richardson.

William Paterson University released a statement saying in part, "We are disgusted by this behavior which does not reflect our values." University staff are investigating.

A statement by Penn State says, "We condemn racist messages as they are hateful and violate our institutional values." However, it said it can't punish their student, as she is protected by the right to free speech.

Delta Phi Epsilon's international office says it's aware of the situation and will take swift, decisive action to remove her or any member who does not uphold their values.