New app lets you know when someone unfriends you on Facebook

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Monday, July 13, 2015

Update: This app has been taken down, the developer says, because of a request by Facebook. Read the Full story.

Ever wonder why some of your Facebook friends have disappeared? Now there's an app that will notify you whenever someone unfriends you.

The app, called "Who Deleted Me On Facebook," is available for both iOS and Android smartphones, and lets you track the exact date and time when someone goes missing from your Facebook friends list. Created by Anthony Kuske, the app sends push notifications when someone drops from your list, and distinguishes whether or not the person unfriended you or deactivated their account.

We tested the app for ourselves to see how well it did.

After downloading the app, it asks to connect to your Facebook account, and loads several tabs showing who deleted you, whom you have deleted, and who deactivated their account. Tapping on a friend's name will launch their profile from within the app.

Possibly due to the immediate surge in popularity, the app's servers were slow to connect, and we weren't able to get real-time notifications when someone unfriended us. However, our app tester Rachel did eventually get a notification that her coworker Matt had deleted her from Facebook.

Tragic, but informative.

The developer has also created a free Google Chrome browser plug-in version of the application for use on desktop.