Brides-to-be engaged in wedding workout program

Jenny Leanardson is getting married in August and she's all about the planning, taking workouts at Lagree Fitness.

"I have my first dress fitting in about a month, so I'm really preparing," Leanardson said.

"If it's not shaking, it's not working right," Sebastien Lagree joked.

Often considered a fitness fanatic in a good way, Lagree has been fine-tuning his exercise program for 20 years.

"The strength and the endurance, and the core and the cardio and all the elements of a good physical fitness workout," said Lagree.

He gets the thumbs up from some celebs.

"Jennifer Aniston came here not too long ago. Rihanna came over here and loved the workout as well. Meghan Markle just voted the workout one of the hardest workouts she's ever done, so thank you Meghan," Lagree said. "It gets results very quickly, it's a safe workout, as gruesome and hard as it is, it's still a fun workout."

And of course, Sebastien says all brides want all body parts to look good, but there are certain moves in particular that affect those key body parts that make that dress look fabulous.

"You're going to have to workout the waist to enhance the hourglass figure. Also the arms, because a lot of the brides will have the sleeveless dress, kind of want to show off the arms," Lagree said.

The good news - the workout is a half hour. The bad news - it is ramped up, sometimes literally.

While these brides are on his Megaformer in Westwood, his La Cienega studio offers the 'Supra' where the instructor changes your machine's elevation, angle, and speed via remote control. That can really tweak the physique.

Which, by the way, helps more than brides.

"Sometimes actually the bride and groom work out together. Sometimes they make an event out of this," Lagree said.

With over 300 locations globally, finding a class isn't as challenging as taking his class.
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