Severe damage reported in Friendswood from low end tornado

FRIENDSWOOD, TX (KTRK) -- The National Weather Service says preliminary assessment of a tornado that damaged several homes and property in Friendswood is a low end EF-2 in one location with another EF-0.

The tornado damage occurred early Saturday morning with widespread flooding. We're hearing about 30 homes in Friendswood were damaged.

He says the roof blew off around 5:30 this morning. A neighbor called to alert him. McCullough said he wasn't home at the time. A clear path of destruction was visible from his backyard.

McCullough's granddaughter, Taylor Head, says she was helping with the clean-up inside the home when the rest of the roof caved in.

"We looked again looked back heard the noise, (then) the kitchen (was) gone," said Head.

A few streets over, more damage.

"About 5 o'clock this morning I could hear the thunder and the lightning and stuff like that," said Susie Konzem.

Konzem says she woke to the sound of her bedroom windows blowing out, shattering from the force of the wind. Konzem's home wasn't damaged, but a tree collapsed on her neighbor's roof, leaving an open hole above the living room.

"This is really bad. There's a lot of people got a lot of work to do," said one man.

Block after block, massive trees and down power lines blocked streets. People were without power for hours. Amazingly, no one was hurt.

Betty Hennessy, 87, said she had been through flooding and bad storms before, but nothing like this. The storm ripped bricks from the back corner of her house.

"I give up. I'm sick, my house is sick, what else?" Hennessy said.

City crews worked all morning to clear the streets, but more rain and wind slowed their efforts.

Photos from flooding/damage around SE Texas
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