Amazing video of weather around the world

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Meteorologist Casey Curry has the latest incredible video of weather phenomenons around the world.

Authorities say at least 25 people have died in severe flooding in southern Thailand since New Year's Day, leaving businesses paralyzed and thousands of tourists stranded.

The Interior Ministry says the main highway connecting the south with the rest of the country was swamped.

It says 12 provinces have been hit by unseasonal rains and surface runoff since Jan. 1, affecting more than 1 million people.

One of the main airports and schools in the south remained shut down.

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The Meteorological Department forecasts more heavy rain in the region, which has popular beaches and resorts that attract millions of foreign tourists every year.

Recently, crews from the United States Coast Guard had to use sledgehammers to break ice off their ice-breaking ship in Duluth, Minnesota.

This vide was posted by the USGC Great Lakes division from the ship Alder. The crews were breaking ice in the bay of Lake Superior.

The frigid weather hitting much of the country is creating some rare and beautiful sights.

You see this slab of ice swirling's called an ice circle.

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Hikers were treated to this rare sight at a river in Washington State.

The phenomenon occurs when relatively warm water freezes on the surface and gets caught in the river's swirling current.
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