School counselor revamps his school's morning announcements by creating a virtual show

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Thursday, November 12, 2020
School counselor revamps morning announcements to be virtual
This school counselor is taking his school's morning announcements to a new level by incorporating his pets, inserting funny gifs, and encouraging students to send in their videos to be included in the show.

BRIDGEHAMPTON, New York -- Before the coronavirus pandemic, most of the Bridgehampton school district knew Ryan Barker as the elementary school guidance counselor. But now, he has become a local celebrity among students due to his virtual morning announcements show.

Barker gives all the credit to Principal Mike Miller, who made the first video back in March. Barker loved his virtual morning announcements so much, that he knew he had to continue them virtually.

"I took it as an opportunity to bring our district together," said Barker. "As virtual and distinct as everybody felt I wanted to keep the community together because we are a small district. The morning announcements sparked from there and it just evolved."

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Looking at Barker's YouTube account you can see how the 5-6 minute videos upgraded with more videos, pictures, and segments.

"The kids in their free time love sending in their dance videos," said Barker. "Teachers have been getting involved by sending in their different assignments and their class projects they want to share with the district. It is really fun to be able to show with parents what we're doing as well."

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Barker makes one video per day while continuing his full-time job as a school counselor. Even though it can get tedious, he takes it day-by-day -- not letting himself become overwhelmed by the videos he loves to make.

"Just seeing someone smile or someone be happy, that's what it's all about," said Barker. "YouTube, seeing videos, and social media is just such a great way we can connect with our kids and our community."


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