From dogs driving to kangaroo showdowns, dive into this year's top viral videos

Sunday, December 24, 2023
Unveiling the Year's Most Viral Moments: 2023's Oddest, Wildest, and Quirkiest Videos
2023 viral videos: Dogs driving, marathon mishaps, and world records

What better way to ring in the new year than to wring out a collection of the year's oddest, wildest, and quirkiest viral and trending videos.

Let's take a look at 2023.

A podcast became a pod-crash when a pair of Houston show hosts had their spotlight suddenly stolen by an unscripted car crash. Luckily, the pair escaped unscathed and had plenty to discuss on their next show.

Security cameras in Canada caught a pair of thieves taking a shortcut in a stolen car through a closed mall. It was like a scene from The Blues Brothers but with significantly less singing and dancing. Police said the suspects ripped off even more stuff inside the mall. Arrests were later made in connection with the after-hours shopping spree.

A North Carolina driver landed in hot water after a heart-stopping dashcam video showed him nearly hitting a pair of school bus riders. Screams can be heard from the bus driver who was, understandably, freaking out. Thankfully, the kids were OK. Police arrested the driver, who was reportedly driving with a suspended license.

Slovakian authorities were doggone dumbfounded with a now legendary traffic cam still of a dog captured behind the wheel of a speeding car. The driver told police the dog had jumped in his lap against his wishes.

A viral video from Australia showed a man square up against a jacked kangaroo. The kangaroo had the man's dog in its clutches but didn't know the man was a martial arts expert who wasn't afraid to dish out uppercuts.

An Australian windsurfer was left with a whale of a tale to tell after he got nailed by a breaching Behemoth. His safety strap pulled the man underwater, but it luckily snapped, allowing him to resurface.

There was no shortage of surreal science stories to share this year. One is a question mark spotted in space. Scientists say it's likely just an oddly shaped galaxy.

Another weird science observation that came to light this year was a doughnut-shaped rock on Mars. Scientists say it's just a rock that looks like a doughnut.

When the brainiacs of air and space aren't solving intergalactic mysteries, they're designing cutting-edge paper planes to break a world distance record.

That's what a pair of young Boeing engineers did along with a friend-flinging their precisely-packed paper planes a staggering 290 feet, and landing in the record books.

2023 had its fair amount of 'whoopsie-daisies.' Starting with a cattle car of cows that inexplicably started dropping one by one onto a busy North Carolina road. The cows were OK but did force drivers to move over in a high-stakes game of chicken.

A marathon runner in Atlanta left kicking herself after making a wrong turn in the home stretch of a race she was leading 50 feet from the finish line. She still finished third, but the mistake cost her thousands in winnings.

A Boston cop went viral after taking a tumble down a city park slide, and 'tumble' may be underselling it. The officer got minor injuries, and the wild ride drew plenty of attention. Even the Mayor's office vowed to look into the slide's safety, but by then, the officer's video had been turned into various memes.

This year had far too much of the weird and wild. There were teeny tiny designer handbags, ultra-low lowriders riding really low, marijuana-laced high tides, dueling fat bears, flightless eagles fathering rocks, sloth-bombed rocket launchers, gargantuan golden retrievers get-together, and more.

One of the best feel-good stories of the year had to be "George of the Jumbotron."

A 4-year-old hockey spectator became a legend instantly when a jumbotron operator kept zeroing in on him at his first-ever Detroit Redwings match. The crowd couldn't get enough and delivered ever-growing cheers for little George, and jeers for anyone else. It was a win-win, a team got itself an adorable new mascot, and a kid was crowned 'king.'

That's a wrap for 2023!