Houston couple explains husband's genuine reaction to wife's new hair do

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Thursday, February 1, 2018
Couple in tender viral video explains authenticity of husband's reaction to wife's haircut
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Couple in tender viral video explains authenticity of husband's reaction to wife's haircut

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A Houston couple is going viral over their love.

We first shared video of a wife unveiling her new haircut Tuesday, and since then, thousands of people have commented and more than 6 million people have viewed it on Twitter.

"I had no idea people would respond so powerfully," said Dawne Kirkwood-Santi, the woman in the video.

It's a tender moment 17-year-old Praize Kirkwood, Dawne's daughter, was able to capture on camera. After 20 years of growing dreadlocks, her mom cut it all off and revealed it to her husband for the first time.

"When he turned around, I saw. I saw it. I saw his face. I could feel it. I felt just totally complete acceptance and love. But I didn't just feel acceptance and love. I could tell he genuinely was like 'whoa,'" Kirkwood-Santi continued.

That authenticity has resonated with millions around the globe. Two days after Dawne cut her hair, she took a trip to Dubai and met women who had watched the video online. Celebrities and big name social sites like Shade Room have also picked it up.

"I actually thought it was going to stay in the atmosphere of Twitter, then it spread to other social media," Praize Kirkwood explained.

We asked Jim Santi what was going through his mind when he saw his bride and her new do. His answer is simple.

"What you saw is exactly how it hit me. It was overwhelming. I hate to coin-phrase this, but I was blown away completely. I thought she just looked so stunning, and it did so much to highlight her eyes and her lips and her smile. And I just kind of gushed," he said with a smile.

The Santis' love on camera is even bigger off it. They've been married since 2016 and have a beautiful, blended family with nine children. Jim is Italian. Dawne is originally from Trinidad.

They had each been praying for their spouse before they met, and now have a passion for ministering to other couples and sharing what God has done in their lives.

Although their viral fame was unexpected, the couple is grateful so many have been inspired.

"The thing that touched me the most was a young girl wrote: 'I now know I will never settle.' That meant so much to me," said Dawne.

You can keep up with this familyTwitter at @Dawnekirkwood3 and @praizekirkwood. Dawne is set to release a book called "I Am Sarah's Daughter" soon through Westbow Press.

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