Ma & Pa's Tex-Mex BBQ is on a mission to 'Make Tacos Great Again'

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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
Ma & Pa's Tex-Mex BBQ is on a mission to 'Make Tacos Great Again'
Located in Rancocas Woods, Ma & Pa's Tex-Mex BBQ blends South Texas and northern Mexican flavors.

Rancocas Woods, New Jersey -- At Ma & Pa's Tex-Mex BBQ, owner Alex Martinez strives to "make tacos great again"!

Nestled in the heart of Rancocas Woods in Mount Laurel, Ma & Pa's offers a unique twist on traditional Tex-Mex cuisine, blending South Texas flavors with northern Mexican influences.

Alex brings a personal touch to every dish, honoring his parents' legacy and culinary traditions.

From their birria cheesesteak to their famous triple decker quesadilla, their menu is crafted with love and dedication.

Ma & Pa's Tex-Mex BBQ uses fresh, local ingredients, preparing nearly everything from scratch, including homemade flour tortillas and signature sauces.

The menu features a variety of proteins such as smoked brisket, grilled chicken, and fish -- catering to all tastes.

Martinez's journey started with a food truck, inspired by his late father's wish, and has grown into a beloved local eatery with frequent praise for their outstanding food and service.

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