Leslie talks about searching for love after 'The Golden Bachelor' | Podcast

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Friday, May 10, 2024
Leslie talks 'Golden Bachelorette' possibilities, dating | Podcast
Leslie joins "Playing the Field" to talk about the possibility of being the first "Golden Bachelorette," and if she would ever consider dating a "Bachelor" contestant's dad.

NEW YORK -- Leslie Fhima joins "Playing the Field" to talk with Ryan, Jen, and Gina about her time on "The Golden Bachelor." She talks about her breakup with Gerry, attending the "Golden Wedding," and of course Gerry and Theresa's big breakup.

Would Leslie take Gerry back? Or is there someone new catching her eye? We have all the details!

Plus, Leslie talks about if she's game to be the new "Golden Bachelorette" if asked. But, what if Kelsey's dad Mark was interested in her. It seems someone has a crush! She also breaks down what she wants out of a relationship and has advice for others looking for love.

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