Take an enchanted journey for Lunar New Year at the Gregangelo Museum

ByChris Bollini Localish logo
Monday, March 4, 2024
Take an enchanted journey for Lunar New Year
Step into a mystical wonderland at the Gregangelo Museum for an immersive Lunar New Year show.

SAN FRANCISCO -- At the Gregangelo Museum in San Francisco, founder Gregangelo Herrera has always offered visitors impassioned, explorative, and immersive experiences.

When Lunar New Year began, Herrera was thrilled to create a new magical event for guests to enjoy.

"I love doing these sort of hybrid, cultural, uniquely San Francisco experiences that are very contemporary and very relevant to now," Herrera explains.

"This is a one-of-a-kind, immersive experience that infuses magic and the taste, the tradition, and the wisdom of ancient Chinese culture," Tea Wizard and founder of Fabula Tea Yshel Lok reveals.

The event, called "Luck of the Dragon," features the magic of acclaimed illusionist Jade.

"People are not aware that there is magic all around them, but more so that there is magic in them," Jade shares.

Her illusions fascinate and entertain her audience, but also create a space for contemplation.

"Life is full of mysteries and wouldn't it be nice and wonderful if we could just embrace the mystery even though we don't understand it," Jade shares after an illusion.

The evening will also be filled with delicious food and a variety of very special teas.

"All these teas are very special because they are from this region where there are a lot of pristine and ancient forests," Tea Wizard and Fabula Tea founder Kai-Kenny explains, "and then, they are done by tea makers and masters that have over 5 generations of expertise and craftsmanship."

According to Jade, she hopes guests will leave entertained, but also with an understanding of what the Year of the Dragon represents.

"There may be challenges ahead of you, but with the Year of the Dragon, this is the year for you to find the courage within you to face those challenges and overcome them," Jade declares.

The Gregangelo Museum also offers a wide array of indoor and outdoor experiences for children and adults.

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