Black People Outside: Nature influencers encouraging Black Chicagoans to explore the outdoors

ByT.J. Whitfield Localish logo
Friday, May 31, 2024
Chicago couple encourages Black travelers to explore outdoors
Influencers Kameron Stanton and Chevy Linear created "Black People Outside" to showcase the wonders of nature in the Chicagoland area.

CHICAGO -- A Chicago couple are the thrill-seeking faces behind the social media presence, Black People Outside. The dynamic duo travel to different nature and thrill spots across the city and the country.

"We're Black People Outside, because we're Black and we be outside!" Kameron Stanton and Chevy Linear said.

From hiking to mountain biking, to river rafting, Stanton and Linear do it all. Their main goal is to encourage people to get outside and explore.

While forming a relationship during the COVID pandemic, Stanton and Linear decided to take a trip out to Grand Teton National Park. While traveling, they thought it would be fun to post videos of the trip and call themselves "Black People Outside." After just a few videos on TikTok, they had more than 30,000 followers.

People were amazed to see picturesque destinations that they didn't even know existed.

Black People Outside was created because Stanton and Linear wanted to make outdoor spaces and activities feel accessible, they said.

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After cultivating a following online, the couple began hosting group hikes to introduce people to different hiking and nature activities around Chicago. This culminated in their largest event yet, with more than 100 people attending an "outdoor nature festival" at the Morton Arboretum in Lisle.

"We had all sorts of events: hiking, a 2-mile run, yoga and HIIT class sessions and huge giveaways from businesses like REI and Lululemon," Stanton said.

The pair said their goal is to help people find new activities and hobbies while also breaking generational fears of exploring the unknown.

They said one thing they always notice about the places they go is that there are few Black people. One of their main focuses is encouraging other Black people to explore more.

To see where Stanton and Linear pop up next in their journeys, follow them @blk.people.outside on Instagram and @black.people.outside on TikTok.