Police: Driver ran over man and dragged him 3/4 mile before realizing it

VALLEJO, California -- Vallejo police say a driver ran over a man and dragged him nearly a mile before realizing it. The Solano County Coroner has identified the man as 47-year-old Bill Veikoso.

Veikoso's shoes, shirt and bracelet came off on Borgess Lane near Agnes Court as he was dragged.

Police say a Chevy pickup truck driver called police just before 2 a.m. to report Veikos underneath her vehicle not realizing it until she got home.

"The sounds and the feel of the car weren't out of the ordinary so she continued home to where it was safe," said Lt. Michael Nichelini of Vallejo Police Department.

Neighbors were stunned.

Michael Williams asked, "How could you hit somebody and then not know you hit somebody and drag them 3/4 of a mile under your car and not know you hit them?"

"It's pretty tragic. I don't really understand how anyone could hit someone and then just not be cognizant of that," said Fernando Reyes. "It's a terrible way to go out."

Police say it appears the victim may have already been down.

"There's not damage what you would commonly expect in a pedestrian collision," said Lt. Nichelini. "There's no damage to the windshield, no damage to the hood, no damage to the front grill."

The driver, whose name has not been released, was driving on a suspended license according to police, though the lieutenant said he wasn't certain why her license had been suspended.

Police say she also has an unrelated warrant for her arrest for theft.

"She consented to an alcohol and drug test," said Lt. Nichelini.

Police say those results are not in yet but there were no objective signs to suggest she was under the influence.

Police are now looking to get in touch with the victim's family members to get a better sense of where he was headed.
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