TOUGH TO WATCH: Uber driver robbed and nearly killed in heart-wrenching video

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Saturday, February 24, 2018
Uber driver attacked in terrifying video
Uber driver attacked in terrifying video.

ATASCOCITA, Texas (KTRK) -- Heart-wrenching video shows the terrifying moments an Uber driver was robbed and nearly killed.

The Harris County Sheriff's Office released the video to Eyewitness News hoping the public can help identify the dangerous men.

The violent robbery happened around 12:45 a.m. on Valentine's Day in Atascocita. The gunmen block the female driver's car at the intersection of Timber Forest and Eagle Springs. Pointing a gun at her head, they demand her money and phone and repeatedly threaten to kill her.

"I'm going to shoot you. Give me your (expletive) money," yelled a robber.

VIDEO: Full video of Uber driver robbed by armed men

An Uber driver was robbed and nearly killed in a heart-wrenching video.

She is frightened but firm.

"Look dude, I don't have anything. I drive for (expletive) Uber. I don't have (expletive)," she pushed back.

The robbers grab a few things and it appears they leave. Clutching her dog, the terror takes over.

She called 911.

"I'm at the intersection at Timber Forest and Eagle Springs," she told the dispatcher.

At the sound of gunshots, she screamed.

"They're shooting at me. They're shooting at me. I need a police officer. Please, before they come back," she pleaded.

The gunmen had circled back and fired three shots at her car. One hit inches from her head.

"The severity. The potential for her to be killed on that night was very high," said Lt. Jeff Stauber with the Harris County Sheriff's Office Robbery Unit. "The terror in her voice and the tenacity these guys had and the violent nature of what they're doing. To us, they're only one step away from something more serious. We've got to get these guys off the streets."

That same afternoon, one of the suspects was caught on surveillance video trying to use the victim's credit card at a gas station in Porter. Investigators hope the public can help them identify the two gunmen, described as white males. Their vehicle is a black GMC Yukon with a Port Lavaca Fire Department sticker on the back window.

Anyone with information on the suspects is urged to call the Robbery Unit at 713-274-9210 or Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

Uber did not respond to a request for comment.