Uber driver leaves woman stranded for not flirting with him

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A mother can't shake the chills after she said her daughter was stranded on a Houston freeway by her rideshare driver.

Ride sharing, including Uber, and Lyft, allows people to make money by giving rides to people. It's so popular, part of RodeoHouston's lot is dedicated to it.

"It's convenient," ride share user Felicia Amerson said. "It meets you where you are. You don't have to worry about getting lost finding your car."

There's another side to the service that terrifies others. Last week, a mother told Eyewitness News her daughter's Uber driver hit on her.

Rideshare safety: How to be safe when using a rideshare service
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5 tips to stay safe when using a rideshare service.

"He said, 'Oh, I noticed you don't have a wedding ring on. Are you not married?'" the mother said the Uber driver asked her daughter.

When she didn't flirt back, her daughter was left stranded on 610.

"I will continue to use ride shares, my family will, but we will use them with very much a defensive attitude," the mother said.

Uber said the driver has been removed while it's investigating the incident. The company says it takes safety seriously and offers advice to customers.

First, know how to navigate the app. There's a way to contact police, the company, and share your ride with friends so they know where you are.

On the app, check the car, license plate, and driver's photo. Tips and fare should never be paid with cash, but the company said riders can tip within the app.

Lastly, give feedback so the company can look into bad drivers. Uber and Lyft don't just hire anyone.

Drivers must go through a driving and criminal background check that looks into convictions, and sex offender registries. There are minimum age requirements, and drivers must provide face photos.

It's safety information one mother says you need to take seriously after her daughter was stranded on the freeway.

"Because of this occurrence, we now have a plan of action," the mother said. "So some positive that has come out of this for our family is we do have a plan of action if this ever happens again."

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