'Twin-dergarten': 17 pairs of twins enter kindergarten in one Pennsylvania school district

ByMatteo Iadonisi Localish logo
Monday, November 13, 2023
'Twin-dergarten': 1 Pa. school district has 17 pairs of twins
TWIN TAKEOVER: A total of 17 pairs of twins have started kindergarten within just one school district!

PLYMOUTH TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- "I have been a kindergarten teacher for 20 years," said Peggy Smith from Ridge Park Elementary School. "Usually, there's maybe a couple sets of twins, if that."

Smith and her co-workers were surprised to find out that a total of 17 sets of twins were entering kindergarten this year at schools across the Colonial School District.

It's a phenomenon they're calling, 'Twin-dergarten.'

"Oh, it makes me so excited because I have two of them in my room and they are the sweetest."

At Ridge Park, there are seven kindergarten classes. Each of them contains at least one twin, if not a pair of them.

"If we would fight, then we wouldn't be in the same class," joked kindergarten student Brynn Smith.

One kindergarten teacher, Sarah Guckavan, considers herself especially prepared to handle the double trouble.

"I have a set of twins myself. They turned 16," she said. "And you had to figure out how to manage them both but still let them be individuals and be who they are."

Teachers across the school district are taking great care to treat each student as an individual while keeping in mind the special connection that twins share with their siblings.

"We as the kindergarten team, we got this," said Guckavan. "No matter if you're one or you're a twin and a pair, we're going to take care of you and you're going to learn just right."

To learn more about the Colonial School District, visit their website.