Texas Medical Center parking "hacks" to save you money and time

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The Texas Medical Center is the largest medical complex in the world, so it's easy to get lost in the patchwork of hospitals, garages and other facilities.

There are numerous garages and parking lots operated by the TMC, located throughout the medical center. It costs $13 per day to park, and hourly rates are posted at the entrance of each lot or garage.

ABC13's traffic anchor Katherine Whaley has some useful hacks to help save you time and money.

She says, for quick trips, go to Garage 21, which is located at 6551 South Main. It is the only TMC parking facility that offers you the first hour for free.

You can pay by credit card at any of the lots or garages - just hang on to the ticket because you could be charged $25 for a lost ticket fee.

For extra insurance, take a photo of your parking ticket as soon as you pull it at the gate. If you lose it, the TMC can pull up your info, and you can avoid getting charged extra.

To maintain social distancing, pay by credit card at the gate instead of at the walk-up kiosks where you might encounter other people.

For more information, visit TMC's website.

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