Houstonians spent 2 whole days sitting in traffic in 2017

HOUSTON, Texas -- While Houston traffic isn't as bad as say Los Angeles, it's certainly up there on the list.

INRIX's Global Congestion Ranking says that Houston is the 11th most gridlocked city in America. In the world, we rank as the 37th most congested.

INRIX said the average Houston driver spent 50 hours in traffic last year, and that's just money down the drain.

Traffic congestion cost U.S. drivers nearly $305 billion last year for things like fuel and wasted time.

The group looked at 1,360 cities in 36 countries, recording traffic patterns and all those bumper-to-bumper commutes.

Los Angeles was ranked as having the worst gridlock for the sixth year in a row.

Their drivers spent an average of 102 hours in traffic in 2017.

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Angelenos probably already knew this - but it's now official: Los Angeles has the worst traffic congestion in the world.

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