Tips learned from the Fort Lauderdale airport shooting

Tuesday, January 10, 2017
Ft. Lauderdale lessons learned
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Steve Campion has the latest Ft. Lauderdale lessons learned.

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- The shooting inside Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International airport should serve as a reminder to any traveler that you need to keep your personal belongings physically on your body.

Eyewitness News reporter Steve Campion was among the thousands of people stuck in the chaos.

His flight landed shortly after the shooting while people were running for safety.

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Campion is back in Houston and said he witnessed many passengers leaving their phone, ID's or wallets behind during the ordeal.

Former Secret Service agent Thom Bolsch said that it is very important to keep valuables in your pocket.

He said even a fanny pack can make all the difference when you inadvertently are thrust into an emergency situation.

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Officials reported there were upwards of 25,000 items left behind following the shooting.

Bolsch said make sure all your luggage is marked with your name and contact information. He also suggested taking a picture of your belongings. It can make it easier finding them once the all clear is given.