Houston bakery making life sweet with opportunities for disabled adults

Wednesday, February 28, 2018
Three Brothers Bakery giving opportunities to disabled adults
How Three Brothers Bakery is giving opportunities to disabled adults.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A local bakery is giving hope and purpose for a number of disabled adults and is getting a Foti High Five for their commitment to changing the lives of so many.

For nearly nine years, Bobby Jucker, owner of Three Brother's Bakery, has found a way to make life sweet, without all the sugar. He says all it took was some cardboard, stickers and a group that was hungry for work.

"For us it was more about giving them a job, make them feel important, give them something to do," said Jucker. "I can pay my employees to do the boxes, but we want to help that community and help those people to feel important."

Three Brother's Bakery has contracted the good folks at the Celebration Company to make their bakery boxes. They make thousands every week.

"My parents used to own a Hallmark store. And then they were retiring. So then I decided to come here," said Neville Karpas who makes boxes every week for the bakery.

Once the boxes are assembled, the delivery is 'walked over' to the bakery across the street from the Celebration Company. The group is paid for every box that's made.

"Having a place to go every day, earning money. It gives you a sense of pride and accomplishment. It gives them a sense of value," said Celebration Company program director Jamie Weiner. "They take ownership over their work, and there is pride in what they do. Just like you and I have pride in what we do."

Jucker said his wife learned about the Celebration Company and thought of a way to incorporate the group into their business. Jucker said he has stood by the program despite many setbacks, including the latest flood that damaged his bakery last year.

"We have some customers that come here and shop with us because we do that," said Jucker.

"I think that Three Brothers Bakery really is a gold star standard for what should be happening in our community," said Weiner.

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