Community Garden Plants Seeds Of Giving

THE WOODLANDS, Texas (KTRK) -- A group of friends planted the seed more than a decade ago. A passion project rooted in giving took hold. And it grew into Veggie Village.

"Veggie Village is a community donation garden where we grow organic produce for Interfaith's food pantry," said Jenni Fisher, the coordinator for Veggie Village. "Everyone is happy when they're outside in the garden. And I just, I love it. It's the best place to be."

There are 30 active volunteers who have plots and they donate at 75% of what they grow to those who need it.

"We got this idea and we couldn't let it go," said Linda Evans, one of the garden's founders. "Thousands of pounds of this gorgeous produce has been given out to the food pantry and to senior citizen apartment complexes in the Woodlands. There are folks who are hungry."

There is low income housing in every one of The Woodlands villages. The need is always there.

"It is nourishment for the soul, as well as for the stomach of our clients," said master gardener Gail Sones, "Two of my passions are providing food for those who are food insecure, as well as gardening. And so being at veggie village allows me to do both."

An idea planted more than ten years ago has borne fruit for those who tend it and those who receive.
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