Whoopi Goldberg, executive producer of 'The View' talk show's podcast 'Behind the Table'

BySandy Kenyon OTRC logo
Tuesday, November 28, 2023
Whoopi Goldberg goes 'Behind the Table' for podcast series
Sandy Kenyon has more on the the daytime talk show's podcast, 'Behind the Table.'

NEW YORK -- It's one of the most memorable signoffs on TV, when Whoopi Goldberg tells viewers to "take a little time to enjoy the view," every day just before Eyewitness News at Noon. But just when the discussion ends on TV, it's about to continue on the show's podcast.

Fans of "The View" know there is no shortage of opinions on the air, but going "Behind the Table" is about what happens after the show.

"The one thing I hear more than anything else from 'View' fans is, 'I wish there was more time. Wish there was more time to talk,'" said Brian Teta, podcast host.

Teta is the executive producer of "The View" and the host of the podcast.

"It's very much like the conversations we have backstage, and I get to do it and share the sides of the hosts that I get to see that maybe other people don't," he said.

On the day we visited, Whoopi Goldberg was his guest, sharing about her recent visit with Pope Francis in Rome.

"I really like this guy," Goldberg said.

She brought her daughter Alex along.

"I just wanted to tell him I though he was on the right track," Goldberg said.

"Behind the Table" is also a way to get a glimpse of "The View" ahead.

"This morning we taped something that's going to air in a couple of weeks, and it came through you. It was the cast of the classic sitcom, one of the all-time great sitcoms: 'Taxi' was here," Teta said.

The 45th anniversary of the show will be celebrated on December 11.

Just as Goldberg got to celebrate a quarter century after "Sister Act" hit the big screen.

The show, then, is enhanced by the podcast, which plays without any distractions.

"People can just relax and just listen to someone talk about something as opposed to having 'Oh my God, she's wearing that or she's got lipstick on her teeth!'" Goldberg said.

Life "Behind the Table" is more intimate.

"It's just you and the voice which is great, you can concentrate on what they're saying," Goldberg said.