Joey King transforms into bloody warrior in Hulu's 'The Princess'

ByJennifer Matarese OTRC logo
Friday, July 1, 2022
Joey King talks about starring in Hulu's "The Princess"
Jennifer Matarese interviews actress Joey King about starring in the new Hulu movie "The Princess."

NEW YORK -- The princess in Hulu's "The Princess" isn't your average tale of a fair maiden. It's more "Kill Bill" and "The Raid" mixed with a bit of Rapunzel.

In fact, the princess doesn't have a name, at least that we get to know. She's referred to as "The Princess" throughout.

Joey King plays the title character and says she took her training to heart, doing some 85-90% of all her own stunts.

"I had two stunt doubles, Desi and Jade, and they were the best," King said. "They would train me every single day when I would walk into the gym. The best thing about them, yes, their job is there for when I can't do something and for when they need to step in and play me. But these women were so supportive, so empowering, they wanted me to do everything I could, they really uplifted me and supported me."

She starts off a beautiful princess, engaged to a psychopath prince, betrothed in a deal set by her father, the king.

We watch as her once stunning wedding gown morphs into battle attire.

"Our costume department killed it on this dress and the different forms this dress takes on," King said.

The princess must work her way down a massive tower, slaughtering murderous guards along the way.

"She's gritty, she fights dirty, she just wants to get the job done," King said.

How did she become such a fierce fighter? It's a question the movie answers by way of "Lin," her friend, royal employee, and trainer played by Ng Thanh Vn.

Jennifer Matarese interviews Le-Van Kiet about directing Hulu's "The Princess."

Director Le-Van Kiet says that he appreciated the warmth and heart that King brought to the role, a role that was originally written for a different type of actress.

"It wanted this on the nose action figure, probably like a 5'11" woman that knows MMA," Kiet said. "With her, there's heart to it, there's character to it, there's also humor."

Can she preserve her freedom, save her father and family's right to the throne, and keep the ones she loves from losing their lives in the process?

Find out in Hulu's "The Princess" streaming on July 1.