'The Bachelorette' Kaitlyn narrows the field to her final two men

ByJennifer Matarese KTRK logo
Tuesday, July 14, 2015

NEW YORK -- The confrontation between Shawn and Nick picked up where it left off last week. It seemed like Shawn just wanted to spout off at Nick and his frustration that he had been intimate with Kaitlyn. Also, Shawn told Nick that he wasn't bragging about sleeping with some girl the same night as a country star like Nick had told Kaitlyn. Shawn called him an "inconsiderate *expletive* and left.

Kaitlyn meantime traveled to Galway, Ireland to meet up with Ben for their overnight Fantasy Suite date. Kaitlyn said that Ben is just genuinely nice and easy to be around, so she was looking forward to spending time with him after dealing with the Nick/Shawn fiasco. Ben and Kaitlyn started off by riding horses on a trail and then out in an open field. They stopped along the way to feed some donkeys. It was pretty funny because the donkeys were chasing after them for their food bucket even after they were done! After that, they rode their horses over to a picnic at a castle. Let's hope they used some purell after sticking their hands in those donkeys' mouths! Ben took the opportunity to tell Kaitlyn that he was falling in love with her. She told him that it was "really nice and beautiful". Kaitlyn said that the day felt like a fairytale.

Later, they returned to the castle to have a romantic dinner and possibly spend the night together there. He revealed to her that he just turned 26 on the show so he was younger than she thought he was. She laughed it off but admitted that 30 is creeping up on her very soon! She reassured him that his age doesn't bother her. Ben and Kaitlyn then talked about all of the things that they love about each other and it seems like their relationship really couldn't get any better! So, she pulled out the infamous card inviting them to the Fantasy Suite. He told her that he hates that there are other people involved, but he's falling in love with her and so he accepted the invitation for the "best sleepover ever!" So, they went into the Fantasy Suite where she said she's hopeful that she will wake up in the morning and think that he's the one.

The next morning, they said that they both had a lot of fun and got about a half hour of sleep. Kaitlyn said that she's never been more confused in her whole life. She says that she didn't expect to fall in love with Ben.

Still, Kaitlyn went off to meet Shawn for their overnight date. She is just drawn to him! Kaitlyn did note that while she loves his sense of humor she hadn't seen it lately with all of the Nick drama going on. They dressed up in some bright and silly traditional golf clothing. Shawn said that he was excited about the date because it's something you can do when you are old and gray and that he's hoping they will still be together at that stage in their lives. They went golfing, but really they didn't seem to know what they were doing! Kaitlyn said that it was nice to just have fun with him! After they were done golfing, they decided to play some "Truth or Dare".

So, Shawn picked dare and Kaitlyn dared him to streak across the golf course. He said he's always wanted a black box on TV. Shawn striped down and revealed that he was wearing long johns! Ha! He makes a putt naked and then runs around. He did his best to cover up with his hand, but a black box was still needed. I'm surprised the golf course didn't mind them doing that!

During dinner, Kaitlyn brought up the dreaded Nick issue and asked him why he didn't talk to Nick about his problems. He revealed that he did and told her what happened. Kaitlyn seemed upset about what was said, but told Shawn that she needs to ask these things because she's trying to find a husband. Shawn was really upset when Kaitlyn brought up the fact that Nick said that Shawn had a questionable reputation. With that, she took out the Fantasy Suite card and she hoped they could finish their conversation off-camera. Kaitlyn says she needs this time with Shawn "more than ever" so she can get to the bottom of everything.

The next morning, Nick decided he was going to confront Shawn. Shawn told Nick that if he hears his name come out of his mouth again "it won't be pretty". Nick was like, "Are you threatening me?" Shawn says that he doesn't even want to let Nick talk. Shawn said that he just got back from spending time with Kaitlyn and he never wants to see him again. Nick was like, fine, and left. Nick said that he doesn't respect Shawn and that he didn't know that Shawn spent the night with Kaitlyn and for him to say so "isn't classy". Funny for him to say after the whole Andi situation!

Meantime, Chris Harrison sat down to talk with Kaitlyn about how things are going. She says that nothing went wrong this week and the relationships are so different it's hard to pick someone to go home. Then, she pretty much just complained about how immature Shawn and Nick are being with all of the drama.

With that, it was time for a very intense rose ceremony. Kaitlyn kept crying and had to take a break because it was so upsetting for her. She told the guys all she can do is follow her heart and hope she's not making a mistake. The first rose went to Nick. Shawn was clearly disturbed by that decision, yet still he stood there and waited. And then, Kaitlyn called his name. That meant perfect Ben would be going home! Say it isn't so! Now we need to start to lobby for Ben as the next "Bachelor"!

Poor Ben was clearly caught off guard and very disappointed. They walked outside and Kaitlyn said that she doesn't know how to say goodbye to him, and Ben said that he felt like he showed her who he was. He said that when he was with her life was good and he wanted to have that last longer and that it won't be easy for him not to see her. He started to sniff and cry a little bit, but gave her a hug and got in the van. Once inside, he said that he was going to miss her and that he wasn't expecting to be going home.

At last, it was time for Kaitlyn to meet the remaining two men's families! She traveled to Utah where she met up with Nick first. He began their time together by having a heart-to-heart and telling Kaitlyn that he loved her. Inside the hotel, Nick's family was waiting to meet Kaitlyn. They were not happy that he decided to go back on the show, and seemingly not thrilled that they were dragged back into this process again. Nick's mom was crying before Kaitlyn even arrived at the thought of her son getting his heart broken again. She resolved to stay positive and trust that Nick knows what he's doing. Even his little sister Bella was crying!

They were receptive to Kaitlyn when she walked in, but the feeling in the room changed when they learned that Nick was one of two left. Their hearts dropped and they were all just worried sick about him! He clearly has a wonderful family. They are just hoping that the situation will be different because they seem like a happy couple. His older sister and his brother talked with Kaitlyn about what she likes and doesn't like about him. Kaitlyn thought that the talks with his brothers went well, but said that his sisters were tougher. He's one of 11! So Kaitlyn had to face quite the firing squad! The toughest talks were with the parents though. She talked about how she loved Nick's goofy side and his mom said that she's glad Kaitlyn has seen that because it had been missing after he was heartbroken the last time. His mom added that she hoped Kaitlyn wouldn't bring Nick all this way if she didn't see a future with him.

Nick's mom told him that she kind of wanted to "slap him up" for going on the show again and putting himself and all of them through it, but he told her that he's "99% sure" that he's the one for Kaitlyn. He even told his mother that Kaitlyn is "great at making out"! Ick! He added that she balances him out and his mom seemed happy about that. Nick then sat down with Kaitlyn alone and he told her he loved her and that his family really liked her. She says that she feels in love with Nick and in love with his family.

Then it was Shawn's turn to introduce his family, which includes his very protective two older sisters, father, and aunt. Shawn's father said that the wants to make sure he isn't just caught up in the moment and genuinely loves Kaitlyn. So Shawn broke the news to them all that he's in the final two and his sisters were thrilled, while his dad sat back and seemed to be taking it all in. Shawn's mother wasn't able to be there, but his two older sisters were more than willing to throw out some tough questions about Kaitlyn's past relationships. His sister Jessie told Kaitlyn that he's very serious about who he introduces to his family so she can rest assured that he's in it for the right reasons. Jessie also said that Shawn has a heart of gold. Kaitlyn wanted to know if Shawn was ready for marriage. Jessie said that if he loves her absolutely, Shawn would be ready. Meantime, Kaitlyn told his other sister that Nick and Shawn are very different. Kaitlyn admitted that it is scary to think about being in a long-distance relationship and learning different sides that she didn't get to see during the show. Kaitlyn seems to think that she's seen Shawn's worst sides already and that actually reassures her.

His sisters told Shawn that they think she's great. They think they have different personalities, but they complement each other. They loved her personality and they saw love in the room when they walked in. His sisters also thought that they were very natural together. They want him to get engaged to Kaitlyn! His dad pulled Shawn aside to talk because "he's in deep". Shawn told his dad that he's never felt this way about a girl. He told his dad that Kaitlyn told him that he was the one back when there were still nine or 10 guys left. His dad said that he was happy to hear that Shawn knew he had feelings for Kaitlyn right away because sometimes there are things in life that you "just know".

Once their time was up with Shawn's family, they took some time together to talk about his family's impressions of her and what she thought of them. Shawn was really nervous but he wanted to make sure that Kaitlyn knew that he absolutely loves her. He told her that back in Texas he told her that he was "falling in love with her" but that's not true because he is "IN love with her" now. She said that she was scared at first by the tricky way he told her, but lit up when he professed his love. Kaitlyn said she's pretty confused now because she feels strongly about Nick and Shawn. Shawn said that he was a little disappointed that Kaitlyn didn't say "I love you" back, but he thinks that she "can't" right now, even though he thinks she feels it.

Next week is the juicy "The Men Tell All" episode! Kaitlyn will face all of the men she sent home. We'll get the details on the Clint and J.J. blowup, Jared having trouble moving on, and how Ben H. feels about Kaitlyn after their breakup. Oh, and don't forget crazy Ian, he's back to talk about calling Kaitlyn "surface level". Then in two weeks, it's time for the finale!