Kaitlyn and Nick take things to the next level on 'The Bachelorette'

ByJennifer Matarese KTRK logo
Tuesday, June 23, 2015
Kaitlyn invites Nick back to her hotel room in Dublin, Ireland on "The Bachelorette".

NEW YORK -- We left off last week with Ian's harsh rant to Kaitlyn that questioned her integrity. It was awful and distasteful. He added that when she brought Nick in he didn't question him, but he questioned her intentions. He also called her "surface level".

She was almost speechless and said that she was "super offended" by him. He knocked having humor in a relationship, while she said that it is a huge part of her life. She told him that she appreciated his deep side, but added that he didn't appreciate her humor. She told him that, "you in no way have appreciated the person that I am". He said, "Well that's what I have to say." She fired back, "You feel good about that." I'm proud of her for holding her ground and not crying in front of him.

As Ian walked out, the guys were shocked. He said he was "too deep a thinker, and too self-aware." He is so beyond full of himself! Any shot he had at being a future "Bachelor" just walked out the door with having that conversation. He's lacking empathy and any kind of sensitivity. His conversation as he left the house was just disgusting.

Nick spoke to Kaitlyn first about what happened and she told him everything Ian said to her. He told her that Ian spoke to him the day before about it and he suggested to Ian that he not be accusatory to her. He said he found the things Ian said to her so disappointing. He also told her that he's there for everything she's there for. They seemed to share a common way of thinking about how relationships should be and how humor can play a role, while still having deeper conversations. I think they have found that balance already!

Meantime, the other guys were furious Nick was sucking up all their time with Kaitlyn when some of them haven't had any time to talk to her that night. Also Nick has a rose already. Why don't they just man up and go interrupt? Well Shawn says that he's going to go talk to her but then finds her kissing Nick. So he turns around all upset and walks out instead of talking to her.

Then, Kaitlyn addressed the rest of the guys and told them what happened and what Ian had said to her. They were all seemingly shocked. Chris Harrison strolled in and dinged his glass and took Kaitlyn away to weigh her decision. The rest of the guys were left talking about how they wish they could comfort Kaitlyn. Don't worry fellas, Nick took care of that for you.

The guys arrived at The Alamo for the rose ceremony. Chris Harrison pulled her aside in what looked like a dark alley (creepy Harrison!) and talked to Kaitlyn about how she was feeling. She said she was thrown off by Ian, but she's about half way through now and she's starting to see how invested everyone is in the process. She said she hates disappointing people, yet it's what she has to do to find her future husband.

Kaitlyn already gave roses to Nick, Shawn, and Ben H. She gave the rest of her roses to: Jared, Chris, JJ, Joe, Ben Z., and Tanner. That meant that Justin and Joshua were sent home. It was no surprise after Joshua got all worked up about Nick joining the show and accusing the other guys there of not being truthful. Justin, I don't know what to make of him. I think he flew under the radar until he couldn't anymore. The guys and Kaitlyn cheered when they learned that they were all going to Dublin, Ireland as Joshua cried about Kaitlyn not loving him. He said he especially didn't like that Nick got a rose and he didn't, go figure.

"Cupcake" called Kaitlyn "the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow". He's just so funny! The lucky men arrived at an amazing estate. Shawn says he's doing his best to trust Kaitlyn and trust their relationship, but he hates that Nick is there. Kaitlyn arrived as all of the guys were talking about how much they liked her. She informed them the first one-on-one date would happen right away and it was with Nick. Shawn was so upset! The rest of the men were left shaking their heads and Nick strolled out with Kaitlyn. Chris said that Shawn needs to have a screaming pillow in his room!

Nick and Kaitlyn were having a nice afternoon walking around Dublin together when they came across some pigeons. If you remember from the Ben Z. date, she's deathly afraid of birds! She says she just hates the flapping and pecking. Nick thought it was so funny because, "What could they do to you?" he asked her. They watched some street performers together in the park and even learned a little impromptu Irish dancing! I was pretty impressed at how decent they were at it! Nick bought them kallada rings from a street vendor and they wore them on their wedding fingers. Then, Nick pushed her against the wall and started making out with her.

The chemistry between Kaitlyn and Nick was red hot on their date. You could see it in her eyes that she was having a great time and really into him. Nick also seems like a giddy school boy. He does seem like he likes her a lot and is "there for the right reasons". They are doing a lot of kissing in public and they don't care who sees it!

The next date card arrived and it was some kind of dark riddle for Tanner, Ben Z., Shawn, Jared, Ben H., and Chris. That meant that JJ and Joe were going on the dreaded 2-on-1 date (we won't get to see this until next week unfortunately).

Back to Kaitlyn and Nick's magically steamy one-on-one date. She said that they have had great conversation all day. She said she was almost hoping it wouldn't be that good because it would make her decisions easier on her, but it was "that" good. They sat down for a romantic dinner and drinks by candlelight. She said it was good that he's familiar with the process of the show, but she worries about the other guys not liking him because of that. He told her that he really doesn't care what the other guys think and that there is a magical feeling for him when he's with her and looking at her and kissing her. They have kissed more on this date than I think we've ever seen a couple kiss on "The Bachelor" or "Bachelorette"! With that, she picked up the date rose and offered it to him which he readily accepted. She said that he really makes her feel like "a woman, a desired woman".

She didn't want the date to end, so she invited him back to her room to hang out for a bit! This is a first for "The Bachelorette". Most of the time, there isn't much hanky panky until the fantasy suite dates. We aren't even there yet! This relationship is on the fast track!

Inside Kaitlyn's hotel room, it didn't take long for Nick to get kind of handsy, and it was actually a little uncomfortable to watch! It's like, how far are they going to let this go before the cameramen leave the room! Well, the answer to that was Kaitlyn told Nick to get up and "come with me" as she escorted him into the bedroom where she shut the door. But, ew, the microphones were still on and recording. Nick told her, "I want to know every part of you." She told him, "I could get ahold of you, come here." I hope her family doesn't watch this episode!

The next morning, Nick did the walk of shame back to his estate with the guys as Kaitlyn wondered if she took things too far. She says she is "definitely, definitely" falling for him. She said that the "off-camera" time she had with Nick was amazing. She said she doesn't have guilt about the sex, but she feels guilty about the emotions she feels for multiple guys. She's worried that Nick is going to say something to the other guys, but he played it cool and said they just hung out and talked. He did hint that the talks were "intimate".

Chris Harrison welcomed the group date guys by saying, "I regret to inform you that Kaitlyn is dead...for today." What a weird group date. This is insane. They were going to celebrate Kaitlyn's life with a traditional Irish wake. Inside a little pub was Kaitlyn laid out in a CASKET holding a flask. Kaitlyn couldn't stop laughing though! I don't know about you, but this seems like it is in poor taste, and as Chris Harrison said himself, "ridiculous".

So, each guy had to give a toast to Kaitlyn. Chris Harrison's only instructions were that it could be funny or poignant and while Kaitlyn is gone, "she is listening". Some of the guys did poems, others sang tunes, and cracked jokes about her dating so many men. Shawn joked that she had died because she spent the whole day with Nick which got a huge laugh and a cheers from the guys. Ben Z. brought the whole date down by taking it way too seriously. He said that the death of his mother made him not able to take the situation lightly. He made the other guys leave while he poured his heart out to her. Even though it was creepy, the things Ben said were very sweet.

Then they all started singing and dancing and Kaitlyn sat in her casket. They headed to the Guinness Storehouse for drinks and some conversation. She thanked them for all of the words they had to say about her. Ben Z. stole her away first. He wanted some time to tell her that the day was super hard and he just couldn't say what he wanted to say with the other guys there because of that. Kaitlyn said she understood and she apologized for the date making him uncomfortable. He told her he thought the whole experience of being on the show has given him a new insight on himself and that was a good thing. He does really seem to be opening up to her more.

Jared and Kaitlyn talked about how much he appreciated her laugh despite making fun of it at the "wake". He also told her again that he meant that he was falling in love with her when he told her that the other week. She said that she felt really comfortable with Jared and that they have shared some very nice moments together. "Nice" doesn't get you invited back to the hotel room though!

Kaitlyn asked Shawn during their time talking if he was "off" that day. He chalked it up to seeing her lying in a casket. He brought some pictures of his family to show her and some of them included photos of him as a baby! He said that it was so great to give her a glimpse of his family and he hopes that she will get to meet them soon. Kaitlyn walked back to the group of guys and decided to give the group date rose to Jared! Wow! I did not see that one coming! I really thought that Ben Z. or Shawn was going to get it. Shawn was hurt that he didn't get the rose because just a few days ago she was telling him that he "was the one". He said that he was looking for validation and he didn't get it.

Because Jared got the group date rose, he got to go on a nighttime stroll with him to a historic cathedral where "The Cranberries" were playing! That's amazing! Shawn's going to be extra bummed when he finds out he missed out on a private concert. Jared was on cloud 9 though! They did a lot of kissing and I think it's safe to say that Jared could be a dark horse in the competition.

The rest of the guys were feeling very discouraged back at the hotel. Shawn seemed to be taking it the hardest and Chris tried to tell him and the other guys that they should look at it as Kaitlyn saying "yes" to Jared and not necessarily "no" to them, and that maybe she saw something new in him for the first time or something. Cupcake really knows how to put a positive spin on things.

Shawn, after drinking some more Guinness, really deteriorated. He started to talk himself out of his relationship with Kaitlyn. He told a producer that he loves her and he can't go through seeing her "bang two other dudes" in the fantasy suite. Little does he really know what happened with Nick! He's upset that what she's saying isn't matching up with her actions. I hope he doesn't sabotage himself! He knocked on her door and she was shocked that he was there.

In a preview of next week, there's a whole lot of crying! Britt meantime (remember her?) introduced Brady to her mother who told her that she "has a great new friend." Britt was a little upset that her mom kept referring to him as her "friend" because she certainly doesn't want to be in the "friend zone" with him! Hopefully we get another update soon on those two!