Rachel says goodbye to 2 men in part 1 of 'The Bachelorette' finale

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Wednesday, September 14, 2022
Rachel and Aven's tearful breakup on 'The Bachelorette' finale
Rachel goes to see Aven for another talk to make sure that the two of them are completely on the same page. Unfortunately, it becomes clear that they are not.

LOS ANGELES -- On part one of "The Bachelorette" finale, we pick up where we left off with the rose ceremony in Mexico.

Zach and Rachel say goodbye

Before the rose ceremony begins, Zach pulls Rachel aside to speak privately. He brings up what he had already told Jesse in the previous episode saying that he felt completely blindsided by her concerns about his age and readiness for an engagement. Rachel responds that she found "clarity" during their fantasy suite date and ultimately knew that there was something missing between them. Zach tells her that he needs to leave and we watch as he rides away heartbroken. Rachel returns to the other two remaining men and gives out roses to Tino and Aven.

Back in the studio in Los Angeles, the couple speaks for the first time since their shocking breakup in Mexico. Zach apologizes for questioning Rachel's character. When asked about where things went wrong, he says that something was immediately off when they were in the fantasy suite. Though things didn't work out for Zach, he says he doesn't have any regrets.

Aven's meeting with Rachel's family doesn't go as planned

Aven meets Rachel's parents as well as her two best friends. Though the conversation goes well between Aven and Rachel's dad, he runs into some trouble when he talks to her two best friends.

After their conversation, Rachel's friends tell her that they are concerned that Aven couldn't say whether or not he was ready to get engaged. When Rachel brings this up to him, he tells her that he wants to make sure that it's 100% the right decision for them to get engaged, but he has no doubts about them being together. Although he is just trying to be honest with her, Rachel is confused and upset because she feels like he is going back on what he had said earlier.

Erich meets Gabby's family

As the only man left for Gabby, Erich has the opportunity to meet her family (though he did already meet Grandpa John on their first one-on-one date).

The meeting of the family goes very well with Grandpa John saying that Erich is a "keeper." Gabby gets emotional as she speaks privately with her aunt about how she never felt love from her mom. She worries that it will send a message to Erich that she is unloveable. Her aunt tells her that if Erich really is "the one," then she has to communicate and let him see her vulnerable.

Tino meets Rachel's family

When Tino walks in to meet Rachel's family, I think the live studio audience was holding their breath hoping it would go more smoothly than when Rachel met Tino's parents. Rachel's mom does express concerns to Tino that his family might not like Rachel, but he responds by saying he's very confident that they will come around.

Rachel's dad, also known as "Big Tony," asks Tino the hard questions like about how they will make their relationship work if Rachel's job takes her to another country. Tino ultimately wins him over saying he is committed to making his daughter "happy forever."

Overall, Tino gets the big stamp of approval from Rachel's family and friends.

Aven and Rachel's emotional breakup

Rachel goes to see Aven for another talk to make sure that the two of them are completely on the same page. Unfortunately, it becomes clear that they are not.

Aven tells Rachel that he wants to make sure that their relationship will work outside of the show before he can feel ready to get engaged. He admits that he may have gotten "caught up" in everything, and Rachel says she is incredibly hurt and misled by him. Although Aven continues to tell her that he sees a future with her, Rachel wants an engagement at the end of her journey and he simply cannot commit to that. This leads the pair to say their farewell. You can see how it all played out in the video featured at the top of this article.

Back in the studio, they face each other again for the first time since their breakup. Aven says he is sorry for the way things ended between them. When asked if he has any regrets, Aven says that he could have been better at communicating. He wanted to fight for their relationship, but unfortunately the timing just wasn't right. Rachel wishes him nothing but the best.

Gabby and Erich's relationship hangs in the balance

Although everything seems to be going great with Gabby and Erich after meeting her family, things start to go awry during the couple's last date.

Similar to Aven's hesitations, Erich now says that he wants to date Gabby in "the real world" and cannot promise a proposal at the end of their journey. She says that she doesn't want to force him into a decision, but clearly she is very upset with this information.

We are left with Gabby sobbing and saying she doesn't want to do this anymore.

Could this be the end for Gabby and Erich? Or will the couple be able to come to a compromise and stay together? Find out next Tuesday on part two of the dramatic season finale of "The Bachelorette" on ABC!