'The Bachelor's' message to Bachelor Nation: Be kind

At 'Women Tell All,' Joey, Jesse and Rachel address the rise in online hate

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Tuesday, March 19, 2024
'The Bachelor's' message to Bachelor Nation: Be kind
'The Bachelor' addresses the online hate cast members have been getting this season.

LOS ANGELES -- Be kind.

That's the message "The Bachelor" would like to shout from the rooftop of the Bachelor Mansion and beyond.

On last night's "Women Tell All" episode, we saw Rachel get emotional as she discussed the hate she received after getting a hometown date with Joey.

"Since hometowns... I've been getting just a lot of hateful messages, as soon as the episode aired," Rachel tearfully admitted. "A lot of like, racist comments toward me... calling me the N-word or calling me jungle Asian, all because I got a rose."

"I'm sad because my parents, they really enjoyed the hometown episode and then for them to just see people you know attacking our culture, attacking me," Rachel continued. "I've kind of been in this scenario before but this is a whole new level."

Joey, sitting next to Rachel, looked near tears as she spoke.

"I want to tell you I know how hard that is to talk through, but by sharing that you're going to share so much light on things that should be spread because you never deserve that."

Many of the women attending noted that they, too, had received hateful messages throughout the season.

That's when host Jesse Palmer addressed Bachelor Nation. After noting the amount of love the women on this season of "The Bachelor" have gotten, he pointed out there's also been a noticeable rise in hate on social media.

"Bachelor Nation, we love your strong opinions. But I think it's so important that we uplift these women who are brave enough to be vulnerable and to share their stories with Joey and with all of us at home," Palmer said. "They deserve our praise and not our hate."

On The Red Carpet spoke with Rachel after the episode taping.

"I was hesitant to speak out about the racism I was experiencing after the show but I'm so glad that I did, because I can't just sit and be quiet when this is happening," Rachel said.

"I was bullied in college. I lived in Maine and experienced racism when I was going to nursing school there, so I've been through this," Rachel continued. "I am a tough girl, but this still is hurtful, you know, to hear these comments and see what people are saying about it. And they have no idea who I am."

Joey told On The Red Carpet he was in awe of Rachel's strength.

"There are things that come outside of the show and people sometimes forget that we're real people," he said. "Have your favorite girl, support her. But don't do that by tearing down other women. So for her to get that moment to share how difficult some of this has been, for her to be that open, hands down it was the most special part of the night. "

Rachel had one last message for Bachelor Nation.

"Be kind. Please. Spread aloha, that's what we're about."

The dramatic finale of Joey's season of "The Bachelor" airs next Monday night on ABC.