Joey and Kelsey get engaged; Jenn is our next 'Bachelorette'

Two women unite to support each other as Joey hands out his finale rose, and a ring!

ByJennifer Matarese and Gina Sirico OTRC logo
Tuesday, March 26, 2024
Joey proposes to Kelsey on 'The Bachelor'
Joey proposes to Kelsey and gives her his final rose on "The Bachelor."

Of course, "The Bachelor" finale started with Joey crying, and all we could hope was that it wouldn't really end that way. Spoiler alert: It's heart-wrenching, but you will get to see a happy ending!

Gina: Are you ready? I am SO ready!

The show was mixed with the live show from California hosted by Jesse Palmer.

Joey is in Tulum, Mexico where his family was set to meet his final two women, Daisy and Kelsey. Joey said that he could see a future with both women, but which future does he want? Joey's mother Cathy, father Nick, sisters Carly and Ellie, and his brother-in-law Zach are all there to help him make his decision. Joey described Daisy as special due to her outlook on life and Kelsey as "so stinkin' cute." Ha! I always hear babies described that way, this is a first for a woman. Joey told his parents that he's revealed to the women that he's falling for them, but he refuses to say "I love you" until there is just one.

Daisy Meets Joey's Parents

Daisy was up first and she just hoped to speak from the heart and show them who she is. She's hoping they understand why she and Joey are great together. She talked about how she drove a truck with a Christmas tree in the back because she grew up on a Christmas tree farm. Joey revealed that they had the first one-on-one date because they had such a great connection. She talked about how she got a cochlear implant and how getting to meet Joey has changed her life. Ellie thought they seemed very in love. Daisy told his sisters that she told him that she was falling for him, and he said the same in return, but she's actually in love with him and that she would accept a proposal! His sisters cried as they heard how in love Daisy was and that she was ready for marriage.

Joey's sisters told him that they thought Daisy was very sweet and that they seemed very compatible. He revealed that he's afraid she's holding back, and his sisters said that Daisy is all in. "If you were not to propose to her she'd be heartbroken," Ellie said. Joey said that just thinking of that puts knots in his stomach. Cathy asked Daisy what makes her unique and she said she's very resilient and she never gives up. She loves very deeply and she loves very big. Aw! She told his mother that she's very confident in him but she'd rather put it out there than miss out on something. "He's so worth it," she said. (Cut to Gerry our former Golden Bachelor crying in the audience!) His mom said, "I want what's best for you honey." It was so incredibly sweet. What an amazing family he has.

Joey told Daisy that they all had nothing but amazing things to say about her and that he knew they would feel that way. He gave her one last kiss as she left her time with them.

GIna: Daisy saying Joey changed her life was such a pure and real moment. And looking back at the season, you can really see that to be true. While we all thought Daisy was lovely when she first arrived to the Bachelor Mansion, she really did blossom as the season went on and Joey had a lot to do with that.

Kelsey Meets Joey's Family

"Every time I leave Kelsey I just miss her," Joey said. He felt confident that his family would love her too. Daisy was a tough act to follow, so she was nervous going in. Kelsey also told her night one story and about how she felt like she couldn't even speak, but that she had a voodoo doll. She used it for kissing only! They also recapped their Vespa date in Spain. When Kelsey mentioned her family and how she lost her mom to cancer, she started to cry. Joey was so comforting to her. His sisters cried! "The emotional connection they had was very obvious from the get-go," Cathy said.

Ellie asked what makes the two of them compatible and Kelsey said they just get each other and are on the same level with each other. Kelsey revealed that she loves him and she "wants to choose him every day." They wanted to know if she feels ready to be married and she said that she doesn't feel that she's on a timeline or that she needs to be married. When asked if she was ready for a proposal she said, "I think so, yeah." They are concerned that she's not ready. They found her to be a bright light that had great energy. They did tell him that they got a "100%" from Daisy and an "I think so" from Kelsey.

Nick got a chance to talk to Kelsey and asked her how she would feel if it wasn't her. She started to cry and she said, "It's just the reality of it all. Daisy is an amazing woman, I love her so much." Kelsey said it would be difficult because she can see things so clearly with Joey. His mother said, "You could be my future daughter-in-law or you could get your heart broken." Kelsey cried again and said that, "I could see it being us." Cathy said, "The way you look at him is special." Kelsey did a lot of crying.

Joey tried to reassure Kelsey as she was still a little teary as they said goodbye. He said that he'd miss her and see her soon.

Gina: I would cry too if the mother of the man I love said "The way you look at him is special." Her tears highlighted just how real it all was to her and that was her release!

Kathy and Susan from "The Golden Hour" podcast said that they are excited to talk about finding love later in life and give advice! I can't wait to give it a listen!

Gina: SAME! Those two are gold. Or Golden, as the case may be.

Daisy's Last Date

Back in Tulum, it was time for Daisy's last date with Joey. "I really want it to be me," Daisy said. "I just really want him to be a part of my life." They went to have a spiritual experience and connect with nature. They did a cleansing experience in bathing suits. Then they crawled into a steam room hut to heal their minds and hearts. Then Daisy revealed to a producer that she wants to love him, but it hurts because he isn't sure of her. "All we have is today and that's scary. I'm just getting in my head and I need to not," Daisy said. Then they made wishes and gave it to the fire. Joey's wish was for her to find happiness even if it wasn't with him. Daisy was thrown off a bit. He felt that and asked her to give him a sweaty hug. "I think it might not be us because I'm used to not being chosen," she said.

Gina: Joey said a lot without saying much right there with that wish. I don't blame Daisy for being thrown off. That would have been the perfect time for him to reassure her and that didn't happen.

That evening, Daisy said she was going to go on the date that it was her. She wants to be able to tell him that she loves him. They talked about the fun they had on their date, but also how she got emotional. Joey said he understood. He asked her what she thought about his family and her time with them. She said that she loved them and that they must be so proud of him and that she also is so proud of him. Daisy said that you don't know when love will come, but that "the truth is I do love you. I love you in like a way that feels so natural and so uplifting and I'm always going to support you and I do, like I love you," Daisy said. Joey said, "It's so good to hear, it means so much." She felt it had been building for a while and it was like a weight was lifted. "I didn't feel like I got very much," she said, "which is a little terrifying." Then, Joey started to talk about how hard his decision was going to be. "It's not a right decision, it's a right decision for me." It seems like he's giving her some indications that it might not be her. "I've been in your position and I left this night as confident as can be," Joey said. He said it's been sitting with him all week that he's going to end up hurting someone. That's when Daisy said she felt something was off. "He's being measured and careful," she said. Daisy found that he was no longer talking about the future. It felt like a goodbye speech. He then asked her to walk him out. Joey said he felt conflicted. "If I'm being 100% honest, I don't think it's me," she said. Gut punch.

Gina: I think we all felt that gut punch as we watched. It felt like a goodbye without it actually being a goodbye and that was heartbreaking.

Kelsey's Last Date

Kelsey and Joey met up and he seemed all lit up. Joey took her to the spa to have a special day together. They stripped down and put on some robes and started with some feet exfoliations. They had a lot of fun doing some face masks and Joey said that when he's with her he lets go and doesn't take things so seriously. Then, they did some massages and some kissing! "I can see our future so clearly together, it's just so exciting to think about," she said. However, Kelsey is aware that there is still another woman in the mix.

Gina: After seeing his last time with Daisy and seeing this date with Kelsey, you can understand why Daisy thinks it's not her. The ease and comfort that Joey and Kelsey have is undeniable. Once again, this felt like what real life would be like with them.

Daisy Starts to Have Doubts about Joey's Feelings

Back at the hotel, Daisy is feeling sad and hurt. He was happy to hear it, but something felt like it wasn't "clicking fully" she said. She knows that she's put everything on the line and given it her all.

Kelsey and Joey's Last Evening

Joey smiled ear-to-ear as they talked about the great time they had together earlier in the day. "Hopefully this isn't our last date together," Kelsey said. They talked about the great time Joey's family had meeting her. Kelsey said that his sisters asked her if she was ready for an engagement, and she wanted them to know it was not a box she was trying to check, she could see it with him specifically. So that was nice for him to hear. Kelsey said she cried to both of his parents when she had to think about it not being her. "I don't want you to think about that either," Joey said. He said that he didn't take it for granted and that he felt lucky to be loved by her. Joey keeps focusing everything on the future. This is a very different conversation from what he had with Daisy. "I just want it to be you," Kelsey said. Joey kissed her and she felt like she got a lot of reassurance.

Gina: Joey doesn't want her to think about it not being her? That's a sign. No wonder Kelsey felt validated!

Neil Lane Visits Joey

Neil Lane visited Joey to help him pick out his future wife's engagement ring! "Good to see you again," Neil said to Joey. Last time, the ring was for Charity. He revealed his fears that it could happen again. Joey made his choice and seemed very excited about it.

The Women Prepare

Kelsey got ready in a beautiful white dress, and Daisy was in a stunning red gown. Daisy said that she knew it was not her. "Today I have to be so strong, even though I want to just crumble," Daisy said. She walked down the hall and knocked on a door.

Daisy Talks to Kelsey

Daisy knocked on Kelsey's door and they embraced in tears. She asked to come in and talk. "Don't be terrified," Daisy said to Kelsey. She asked how the week went and Kelsey said that everything went really well. In the evening portion she felt a lot of validation. Daisy said that she was going to be open and honest with her. She revealed that the date felt "off" and that "something was missing" and that in the evening there was no form of validation or confirmation. Daisy did a good job of asking the questions in a non-leading way. Kelsey said, "I love him so much."

Daisy was hurting deeply and she felt that she shouldn't feel that way about someone she was supposed to marry. She wants to be with him, but she has doubts because she really thinks it's Kelsey. "But what if it's not," Daisy said.

Gina: OK, so this is something we've never seen before in a Bachelor finale. The two final women having a discussion about where they stand? Wow. I can't imagine how difficult it must have been for Daisy, but I absolutely understand her wanting to be absolutely sure. This solidified it.

The Women Arrive

OK, OK, settle down now. Here it is. The women arrive TOGETHER to see Joey. We don't know who is "The One" but they were holding hands as they pulled up.

Joey is standing there looking at his ring and waiting, oh Joey, can someone warn him? Daisy approaches first. Joey starts talking to her about how she was his first connection and that he knew she understood him. Daisy said that it was great to progress their relationship and that she knew he was in her life for a reason. "Falling in love with you has been so fun, and I do love you," she said, "But the thing is, you're not going to choose me." She said that the last couple of days revealed that he's not her person and that she knows he knows it. "I know you want what's best for me, so I'm going to do what's best for me and I'm going to go," Daisy said. Joey cried and said that he knows he has something more special with someone else, but "I know how much I'll miss you and you are one of a kind and truly special and you deserve nothing but the best and I wish I could give that to you, I really do." Joey asked if he could walk her out and she said, "It's something I should do on my own." They hugged at the podium and said their goodbyes. Daisy is a class act, that's for certain.

Daisy leaves "The Bachelor" after she realizes she's not the one for Joey.

Gina: First of all, the two of them in the car together, holding hands, had me screaming in my living room. We've definitely never seen that before! But what a powerful message it sent. First, there is no animosity between these two women. They know what they are dealing with, they have mutual respect for each other and this was just such a beautiful moment. As for Daisy talking to Joey, it was really just beautiful. She wasn't mad that it wasn't her, she didn't lash out. She just said how she felt in the most eloquent way. The mutual respect she and Joey have for each other is absolutely evident.

Joey cried and took some time to regroup. Daisy walked back and hugged Kelsey. "I know you're mom's going to be looking down on this moment," Daisy told Kelsey. If you aren't sobbing right now, I don't know what you're doing. Daisy is just incredible. So now at this point, Kelsey knows it's her.

Gina: This was the moment I started to cry. It was beautiful. Happy Women's History Month. Here are two women making Bachelor history and really just showing us all how to be kind, decent human beings. Also, Daisy saying that if she could love the wrong person that much, imagine how much she could love the right one? Forget it. Jen and I have been watching "The Bachelor" for a VERY long time. We know that the finale episode is always emotional for those involved, but this took the emotion to a whole new level.

Kelsey Gets the Final Rose

Joey was back at the podium, ready for his person! Kelsey walked in with a big smile. Joey recapped how he loves learning more and more about her and seeing things through her eyes. "Everything we do, we just enjoy each other," Joey said. "There is nothing difficult about choosing you," Joey said. "I can't wait another minute to tell you that I love you." Joey got down on one knee and proposed! Kelsey said, "Yes!" Kelsey's dad was in the live audience smiling and applauding. They professed their love back and forth and hugged. "I'm so happy," Kelsey said. And, don't forget...Joey asked Kelsey if she would accept his final rose and she said, "Always!" "I'm truly a fiancée to this man over here and it feels so right!" Kelsey said. Joey said it felt great to finally say he loves Kelsey and that they are engaged!

Gina: Annnnd, I'm crying again. What a beautiful proposal. Kelsey said she's on top of the world and I don't blame her one bit. Congrats to Joey and Kelsey!!

Joey on the Live Show

The crowd cheered for Joey - one of America's most beloved Bachelors ever! Joey said that he didn't expect the way the ending happened but he's so happy that things worked out the way it did. He said watching Daisy and Kelsey together during their conversation and that it felt empowering for them.

Daisy Sees Joey Again

Daisy looked beautiful in a sequin gown and said that she thought Joey's proposal to Kelsey was beautiful. She offered her congratulations. Daisy tried to explain how she came to the understanding that it wasn't her, and she thought the rocks in the fire moment revealed that he couldn't think past that moment with her. He said he did the best he could in how he handled it and he didn't realize that he was making it that obvious. Joey thanked her for all the love and respect she's shown to him and Kelsey. She said her parents taught her to lead with love and grace. "This is something that I'll always look back and smile on," Daisy said.

Gina: The other moment that caught my ear was Daisy saying the rose ceremony where Rachel went home was when she first thought it wasn't her. She said Joey and Kelsey looked at each other and she went "WHOA." It's not me. Then it just built from there. But I gotta say, the maturity. The kindness. The love. You can see it all on display in this exchange between Daisy and Joey.

Kelsey and Joey Reunite on Stage

Kelsey came out on stage and kissed Joey while wearing her giant rock of an engagement ring. Everyone was so happy to see them together. Even Jesse wanted to see the ring again. Kelsey was happy they could be in public together and people could see how in love they are. "We built something so special," Joey said. He was grateful they didn't have to be on pause anymore now that the finale had aired. Joey said he was happy he only said, "I love you" to one woman. He added that he was nervous during the proposal and couldn't remember which hand to grab the ring with, but it all went great! Awww, Joey said there isn't enough time in the show to describe all the things he loves about Kelsey. "I don't know how I'm going to have a boring day of life with her by my side."

Jesse asked Kelsey about her late mother, and she said she knows that she would love Joey and that she feels that she has watched her journey. "Grief is love's souvenir," Kelsey quoted as she remembered her mom.

Gina: That quote hit home. It's all too true.

Joey said it was hard for Kelsey to watch his dates with other women but he was figuring things out. Kelsey said that Joey is going to move to New Orleans! Then, they plan on moving to New York this summer! Yay! Come on over to the Big Apple!

Then, everyone cheered for Mark, Kelsey's dad, as they showed him yet again in the audience. He offered the happy couple his congratulations and called the experience "a blessing." "It's a beautiful process and I couldn't be prouder or happier cheers!" Mark said. Joey then gave a speech about being the luckiest guy to be spending his life with Kelsey! Jesse then said they had one more surprise, and it was a trip to Jasper! "Mark I don't know, maybe we'll be seeing you down the road too, that's all I'm saying," Jesse said. Let's hope so! He'd be an amazing "Golden Bachelor!"

The Bachelorette Announcement...or is it?

Jesse welcomed back Daisy to the stage, and she said in Tulum, "If I can love the wrong person this much, just imagine how much I can love the right person." That stuck with Jesse and the rest of Bachelor Nation. Daisy said she's had the 1-year anniversary of having her cochlear implant, and she wants to focus on herself and her health. She's not ready to jump back into this experience.

Gina: Well, that was a fun fake-out. I thought she was going to say she was the Bachelorette!

Kelsey came back out and she and Daisy supported each other yet again. "It really is inspiring," Jesse said. They talked about supporting each other throughout the process and how they helped ease the blow of the experience so no one was caught off guard.

Charity Announces 'The Bachelorette'

Charity then announced the next "Bachelorette." The suspense was flat-out killing me. Holy SMOKES - it's Jenn! I'm dying! This is crazy! In case you missed it, we interviewed her on our "Playing the Field" podcast just this past week! Take a listen!

Jenn Tran has been announced as the next "Bachelorette."

Jenn is ready to find love and she really wants to find love and her person. She says she hopes she's back on the couch with a ring on her finger! She's also the first Asian American Bachelorette! First one in franchise history. "That is an absolutely insane thing to come out of your mouth. I feel so grateful and honored," Jenn said. Representation is so important! Jesse and Jenn did a shot at her being the new "Bachelorette!" It's shot o'clock! Maria said that she loves her and can't wait to see her find love! Hopefully, we get a season of paradise and we can see Maria and our other favorites find love too!

Gina: Our girl Jenn is making history and I love it! She is so much fun and I think her season will be a great Bachelorette.

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