Woman returns to get a second chance with 'The Bachelor' Chris, Kelsey collapses

ByJennifer Matarese KTRK logo
Wednesday, February 4, 2015
Carly and Chris take part in a love guru date on this week's "The Bachelor".

NEW YORK -- This week, "The Bachelor" and his remaining 11 ladies headed to Santa Fe, New Mexico! Here we go, it's time to travel!

This just in: Megan thinks that New Mexico is actually in Mexico. Oh boy.

The first date card arrived and it said, "Carly, let's come together...Chris". There is still one more one-on-one date up for grabs and a group date. Carly and Chris arrived at a seemingly vacant house to find a woman in the backyard meditating. So they sit down and meditate with her. She's a love and intimacy mentor, or love guru if you will. The guru burned incense and waved the smoke all around them. Then Chris and Carly did some deep breathing and got in sync with each other. Chris really is a good sport about all of this! While Chris was blindfolded she had to run her hands all over his body. Yikes! That's an ice breaker!

They had a weirdly awkward moment with a strawberry where she got chocolate all over his place. Then he had to saddle up to her and rubs her butt! This really is a very steamy date, except for the guru lady watching you the whole time. The guru then asked them to take their clothes off! So Carly was very nervous and Chris told her to only do what she was comfortable doing. She started to take off Chris' pants and she couldn't do it, and Chris told her to stop because it was their first date. Then they talked about falling and love and what their fears are.

If you thought the awkwardness was over. You would be wrong. Then the guru had Chris and Carly sit face to face and to face and breath on each other while the grinded. Finally they kissed and the guru walked them all through it. Let's hope they had some altoids or tic tacs before this date. You could tell at one point when they had an actual "real" unprompted kiss! Chris said that he really thinks things can move to the next level with Carly.

Kelsey told the rest of the bachelorettes about her husband's death in a very nonchalant way. The women found it strange and they also thought it was weird that she waited so long to tell them that.

Jade, Megan, Kaitlyn, Whitney, Mackenzie, Becca, Amanda, Ashley I. and Kelsey were picked for the group date. The card read, "I'm rapidly falling in love...Chris". That means that Britt is getting the one-on-one date!

Later at dinner, Carly told Chris that her ex-boyfriend never wanted to touch her or be intimate with her. She said that it's been a year and a half and she feels undesirable and not like a woman, so it's hard for her to let loose and be herself around a man. She says that she needs to be physically exactly what Chris wants so she can let go of her insecurities. Chris said that Carly is not only beautiful on the outside but really beautiful on the inside. He grabbed the date rose and gave it to her along with a big kiss!

So all of the ladies on the group date met up with Chris at the Rio Grande River for some white water rafting! Kelsey is really upset that she is on a date with all of the other women and not on a one-on-one. Megan continued to demonstrate her knowledge of New Mexico by saying that there could be alligators or dead bodies in the river. Chris said that he is doing a lot of outdoors dates because a lot of his life is spent outdoors and he wants a woman who can hang with him. Jade has bad circulation apparently so Chris had to massage her feet and hands because she gets cold really fast.

After their white water adventure, they were headed to an evening party. So Jordan, who was eliminated in week two, and she told Chris that she drove all the way there. She said that she was nervous and didn't think that she gave their relationship a fair shot because she didn't really talk to him when he would ask her questions about her. He said that the reasons he let her go were because he didn't think she was taking it seriously and she was drinking way too much. Chris said she certainly seems to be taking things seriously now, so he decides to let her rejoin the show and the party.

The ladies are all waiting and waiting for Chris and wondering why he is so late to show up to the party. They are all shocked that she is with him when he comes strolling in with Jordan on his arm! His nickname should be "Second-chance Chris" my goodness! This is unprecedented to have lady after lady coming back for second tries. Ashley I. spoke to Chris about it and told him that Jordan isn't wife material and isn't right for him. Haven't these women learned anything from past seasons? You use your time to talk about you, NOT to bash the others! It's a turn off to guys!

Kaitlyn told Jordan that it wasn't fair and Whitney jumped in too saying it "sucks" that you got eliminated but its part of the process of the show. Then, Chris suddenly realized maybe it wasn't a great idea because now Jordan coming back is all the ladies can seem to talk about to him and each other. So now everything is at a standstill instead of relationships moving forward. Despite what Whitney said, she sort of was urging the other women to be nice to her, but Ashley I. would hear none of it. She doesn't think that Ashley I. is a "mean girl" for wanting to just be "mean" to Jordan for coming back.

Britt's date card arrived and said "The sky's the limit" and after reading that, Britt broke down into a puddle of tears. Turns out she's afraid of heights!

Back on the group date, it's a tense situation. Chris pulled Jordan aside and said that he has a sense of responsibility towards the other ladies and he can't do this to them. He said that the right decision is to not allow their relationship to go any further and the right decision was made already. She thanked him for allowing her to not have any more regret and with that she wished him luck and went on her way. Too bad he wasted a whole date on this mess of a situation. Chris walked Jordan back and she said goodbye to the other ladies. The women were overjoyed. Silly Ashley I. put on a happy face and hugged Jordan goodbye. If that wasn't enough, Chris still had to hand out the date rose, so he picked Whitney! Ashley I. shot daggers at them! Ashley was horrified! She thought that she wouldn't have to worry about Whitney at all, but wait, you do Ashley!

Very early the next day, Chris went into Britt's hotel room and woke her up for her date. She was sleeping fully made up with her bright pink lipstick on. He was "amazed" that she looked just as beautiful in bed as she does at the rose ceremonies. Um, well that could be because she has a fully made up face right now! Carly was horrified that she was supposed to be quiet in the room while Britt and Chris had a moment. Chris even shushed her! Carly cleared up the makeup thing...Britt sleeps in her makeup while on the show "just in case". Wow, it finally paid off! How does her face not break out? If I ever get the chance to ask her, I will find out and report back!

They went out to a big field and loaded up into a big hot air balloon. She is terrified of heights but decided to just go with it. This reminds me of the second "Bachelor" Aaron Buerge and when he went on his hot air balloon date with Gwen. Can you tell I'm a fan?! Britt said it was an amazing experience after all! The views were incredible. At least she's not cowering in the bottom of the basket! Britt says that she feels like Chris is her boyfriend. Well I should hope so! They are kissing a lot!

Then the ladies back at the house were talking about how Britt doesn't shower apparently! They think she stinks a little bit. He does live on a farm, so who knows? Carly told her that she had to take a shower and shave her legs. This is too funny! Also, it came out that Britt doesn't want to get married anytime soon or have kids. She allegedly said that to Ashley I.

Back on the date, Chris said that he wants as many kids as he can have and Britt said, "Really, really?! Me too!" So that's kind of strange! Who is telling the truth here? Chris of course gave her the date rose and they did some more kissing. He then told her that the date wasn't over yet. They went to his room for two hours apparently and had room service and made out. And, she had no problem telling all of the other ladies about their time together. Carly can't stop thinking about how she was shushed. So that's not a good thing for their relationship.

Kelsey decides that she's had enough and she wants to talk to Chris about it. She tells Chris that she doesn't have bad news to share with him, but she's there to steal his time. So she decides to tell Chris about her relationship with her deceased husband and how she's proud of whom she is because she's overcome it.

Really creepily she says that she loves her story, it's so tragic, she loves her story, and it's amazing. EW! What is wrong with this girl? She kissed him and apparently it was a perfect first kiss. Chris seems like he is caught in a spider's web! She says that this is her story about how she's going to fall in love again and it's all about her.

At last, it was time for the cocktail party before the rose ceremony. Then Kelsey said that she's feeling very comfortable in front of everyone. Whitney was like, why is this girl so calm? Chris walked in and said that it has been an emotional week, especially with Jordan, and he shared with them all that Kelsey and he had an emotional conversation together earlier in the day. Chris got really upset and started crying and left the room! Chris Harrison walks outside and he asked him what was wrong. He just said that it's been a tough week for him. Kelsey told the ladies that they were talking about her husband and that he didn't cry about it then, so she doesn't understand why he's so upset all of a sudden. Whitney again said that she finds Kelsey to not be that nice, at least when it comes to them! Chris told Chris Harrison that his talk with Kelsey has made him think about how important each decision he makes really is. Kelsey told the ladies that time is a gift and each day is precious and she just welled up with tears, but then creepily still kept smiling about stuff. I sense a breakdown is coming.

Chris Harrison walked back into the room with the ladies and he told them that there wouldn't be a cocktail party tonight. Chris already knows what he wants to do and he's having a hard time facing the ladies knowing what he wants to do and delaying the inevitable. The news of no cocktail party threw the women into a tailspin. Ashley I. said that it's not fair that Kelsey got alone time with him and that no one else did because she has a better "story". Kelsey is overwhelmed and scared about what Chris is thinking. She got up and walked out and then the ladies all hear this awful whining and crying. Kelsey is on the ground and having a panic attack. Is it a real panic attack or another cry for attention? The producers and medic call for 911.

In the preview there is a bunch of crying and there is a two-on-one date. Chris also tells someone what she said about them and it makes her cry. So there you have it, no rose ceremony tonight! We'll have to wait to see what happens with the whole Kelsey meltdown until next week.