'Chris Tells All', and 'The Bachelor' heads to Iowa

ByJennifer Matarese KTRK logo
Monday, February 16, 2015

NEW YORK -- The two-night "Bachelor" event started with a one-hour "Chris Tells All" special, followed by a whole two-hour episode. There will also be another full two-hour episode tomorrow night that takes Chris to the remaining ladies' hometowns.

The special started off with Chris Harrison talking to the widow, or "black widow" as some of the ladies' said, Kelsey. Kelsey didn't even think she was that controversial. She said that she doesn't think that she's smarter than the other girls but she used several "big words" in her answer. She said that she was glad she took some time to tell Chris about her deceased husband Sanderson because it was important for him to know who she is. The ladies thought that Kelsey faked the panic attack and she said that she absolutely did not fake it. She said she just had a flood of emotions and it just happened. She said the only way she could pull herself together was to focus on humor and of course the ladies thought she was completely fine and faked the whole thing. She said that she still respects Ashley despite the things she said about her on The Badlands date. As for "The Women Tell All" episode she's anxious that it's going to become a "crucifixion".

Then it was time to hear from "The Bachelor" himself, Chris. He said that it's sometimes hard to watch the show and relive all of the emotions again. He said that he ratted out Ashley to Kelsey because he thought it was the best way to get to the bottom of things. Of course it resulted in a big emotional mess on all parts. He said that his feelings were just stronger for other people at that point and he didn't see things moving forward so he had to send them both home.

Chris Harrison asked Chris about Ashley S. the crazy one. He asked him when he first noticed something going on with her. Chris said that he really noticed it during the Zombie paintball date and he thought that she just really couldn't handle the cameras being around. Ashley S. apparently would just wander around the "Bachelor" mansion at night and all over the property! She even hit up kraft services! Wow, something is really strange with her. She thought that the accounting department was running a gambling ring and betting on her! She's nuts! Chris Harrison showed her audition tape and said how normal it was! He said that no one who saw that tape could have predicted her behavior.

Chris Harrison then asked Chris about drunk Tara, and he said he was super close to sending her home but he wanted to give her a second chance because that first night can be brutal. Also, Jordan was another drunk one and he thought it was a big red flag. He said that he knew it was the right decision not to keep her around once she tried to come back. Chris said that he really liked Jillian (the one with her butt hanging out) but there was just no connection there. He said the conversation was weird and they weren't in the same state of mind. Chris said he had a hard time saying goodbye to Juelia because she had lost her husband from him committing suicide. He thinks that she will find the right person for her and her daughter because she's great.

Chris said that when Jimmy Kimmel came and woke him up he couldn't believe it! Jimmy Kimmel even came on a one-on-one date with Kaityn, and he said that Jimmy made it even more fun. Chris said Jimmy was making fun of him when he was giving his speech and he couldn't even get his speech out, but it was funny. As for the love guru date, Chris said that was really awkward once Carly was rubbing fruit all over him and it got really crazy. But then, they had to take their clothes off and when it got down to taking Chris' pants off he said it was like a game of chicken to see who would blink first, but he said he was glad when Carly said she didn't want to do it because he didn't either. They also talked about his crazy donkey ride with Becca and then the discussion quickly switched over to Britt and his connection with her. He said that he felt bad the women's feelings got her when they all saw him kissing her on their group date, and he also took her to a concert! Sheesh! He said he had to just own that decision. Chris Harrison called him one of the most sincere "Bachelors" that they have ever had.

At last, we finally get to find out what happened between Andi and Josh. Chris Harrison sat down with Andi for a sad talk about their breakup. She didn't even get a word out before the tears started. She said that she's not coping very well with the breakup and said it has been a tough month. She said they had been struggling for a while before the decision was made to break off the engagement. Andi said that she had been certain that she had found the love of her life. She said she didn't know how they lost the love between them. She said that after everyone asking them about the date of their wedding and if they were planning and admitting that they hadn't started yet, they found it weird that other couples that were together for less time were further along. She said that she didn't feel supported and empowered and neither did he, they didn't better each other. She said that she was really fighting for it to work and so did he to some extent. She did say that she thought it was a mutual breakup but it's overwhelmingly sad. Through tears, she said that she'll always love Josh and he was her first true love and true heartbreak. She said that they aren't really talking anymore. She said that she's heartbroken and it's the biggest feeling of her life so far, and it feels like a big failure to her. Chris Harrison tried to tell her that it wasn't a failure on her and she can't take it all on herself and he totally understands (he's recently divorced, so he would understand). Chris Harrison told her he was proud of her for letting it all out and articulating what happened. Andi said she hopes she and Josh can become friends in the future but she doesn't see them getting back together, at least not now.

After the "Tell All" it was time for the regular "Bachelor" episode. This episode picks up right after Chris had sent Kelsey and Ashley home. The seven ladies ride up in a horse and buggy to meet Chris at the hotel. The ladies all told Chris how proud they were of the fact that he had sent those two home. Chris still has to send two more woman home out of the bunch. It's been different how the past couple weeks the episodes have started off with the rose ceremony. It was supposed to be a cocktail party, but Megan asked him how things were progressing and he said well since you asked, not that great and he decided to send her home right then and there instead of going through the rose ceremony. He said he feels awful breaking her heart and it was "brutal".

Chris Harrison walked in and said that there was still a rose ceremony and that one more woman would be going home. So he went off to think about his decision, but it seems like he knows what he wants to do. Chris asked Chris Harrison if he could keep all six of them for one more week. He said that he still had some feelings he had to figure out. Chris walked back in and spoke to the women and said that he knows how hard the week has been hard and he told them that there won't be a rose ceremony after all and he wants them all to come to his hometown! They are all so excited, but we'll see if that excitement lasts once they get there!

They started of in Des Moines, Iowa. It's a beautiful place in the fall with all of the changing colors on the trees and the women were pleasantly surprised. The first date card read, "Jade, join me in my hometown." That's a big deal! Chris noted that he hasn't had a woman to his hometown since Andi was there. He's nervous to see how they react. Jade is noting, cows, dirt roads, wild grass, and a lot of telephone poles. She made it to his house and said she's not too much "in the clouds" about it because she's also from a small town. She took a tour of his beautiful house and land. Jade said it wasn't too bad but it could use a woman's touch, or a tweak! Jade said she doesn't know if she wants to readjust to small town life.

Another date card arrived at the hotel and it said, "Whitney, Let's look for love in Des Moines." So Whitney is getting a one-on-one! She said it would have been nice to see his hometown, but she's excited nonetheless.

Meantime, all the signs in town say "Welcome Home Chris". The hustling and bustling downtown Arlington is really, really small. Jade described it as "extremely small". Chris said that people have moved due to technology taking over. There are no coffee shops, restaurants, bars, or anything in Arlington. Jade said she could tell he was insecure about showing her all of that, but she's feeling overwhelmed by the fact that it is kind of a ghost town there. Jade said that Dearing where she grew up is actually like a tiny little community and there are things to do, there aren't even cars going down the street there!

Later that evening, they go to a football game at Chris' old high school. Lots of the locals came by to say hello to them and meet Jade. He got such a warm reception there!

Jade was very lucky because she got to meet Chris' mom and dad! That happened quick! She couldn't believe that he wanted to introduce her to them, but she was very honored and excited that he thought so much of her to let her meet them.

They took a walk through his old high school and he got to show off his name on a plaque and even showed her where he had detention. He thinks that Jade is very reserved but hope she will show him her rebellious side and open up more.

Well he's got a big surprise coming. Jade actually posed for Playboy, but she says she's not ready to tell him about that yet. Chris pulled her aside and kissed her outside his old English classroom. Then, they went back outside and watched the rest of the game. Afterwards, the crowd cheered "Kiss Chris" and so she did! It was very sweet. Jade said it was one of the most amazing nights of her life and the small town community touched her heart and she's falling in love with him! She told him don't be ashamed of where you like to be, it is enough! That was a very touching moment.

Then, it was time for Whitney's date in Des Moines! They went to an art gallery and the exhibit was "The Ones They Love". It was really cute! Chris said that they were going to go around the city and take their own pictures and document their love. They took some really funny pictures just goofing around and they really seemed to have a fun time together!

Back at the hotel, Jade told everyone about her date. She told him that it was like a hometown date and about how she got to meet his parents, but that it was in the middle of nowhere. Britt started crying over the fact that Jade got to meet his parents and they kissed in front of a crowd of people. The ladies wanted to go do a road trip there, but Britt said that she thinks he'll be disappointed that he won't get to show them. So all the ladies are so curious that the decide, who cares, they are going! They load up into a van and make the 2 hour and 45 minute drive to Arlington.

Chris and Whitney spent some time talking about his family and Chris said that he knows that Whitney is genuinely there for him and is such a good person. Whitney says that being with Chris makes her feel like herself and she just is all in at this point. She is even talking about how they are going to show the photos they were taking to their kids one day.

The other ladies meantime, are just driving around and can't believe that they are on the main road. They are like, "Did we miss downtown?" They were in downtown! They were in and out of his town in just a matter of minutes, it's not that big! So they head back in, and get out of the SUV to do a little walking around and talking to the locals. Then, they realized that all of the businesses were closed! So they decided to head to his church to see if people were there but no one was. Carly liked that there was a picture of Jesus in the church that her grandparents used to have on their wall. A local (the pastor of the church) told them that people go to Waterloo or Cedar Rapids (about an hour away) to do anything. Britt says, "It's so much smaller than I thought it would be." Get ready to hear that clip on all the late-night talk shows!

At dinner, Chris told Whitney that it was one of the best days of his life. Three of Chris' best friends showed up! Whitney was so excited that she got to meet them. His friends were really nice to her and seemed to like her a lot. One of his buddies right out asked her if she loves him, and Whitney kind of skirted the issue. They were worried that she wouldn't want to live there, but she said she's there for the right reasons and she would absolutely move there and has no hesitations. They told her that she had their blessings!

Britt told Carly and Kaitlyn that she could never live in Arlington, but she told Jade that on the way home she fell in love with it as she saw the sun setting. Carly thinks Britt is being super fake. Then, another date card arrived. It said, "Britt, Carly, and Kaitlyn, Icy our future together." Kaitlyn was disappointed she didn't get a one-on-one because Jimmy Kimmel was on her last one-on-one. Britt complained that she can't ice skate, and all of the ladies were like, you always say that and then you're the best at it, so just stop!

Chris said goodbye to his friends, but that wasn't the end of their date! Chris said that she really impressed him on their date! Whitney told Chris that her mom passed away, but she actually doesn't have any parents. She has no relationship with her father. She said that she wished that he could have met her mother. Her mom went in for a routine procedure, suffered a blood clot, and died instantly at the age of 50. That's so sad! She said that she really is looking forward to joining a new family through marriage and calling her husband's parents mom and dad because she really misses that.

Once they headed outside of the bar, she noticed that their pictures were painted on the side of the bar! There was a mural painted from one of the pictures they took earlier that day. It was the two of them looking at each other and then there were lots of colored shapes all around their black and white figures, it was really cool. Chris said he could see himself with her for the rest of his life! Wow, we've got another front-runner! Look out Britt! Whitney even said that was the moment she fell in love with Chris.

At the hotel, Whitney told them all about her date. Of course they were jealous. Jade meanwhile decided to tell Carly about her nude modeling for Playboy. She said that the pictures are out there and she doesn't want him to find them on his own, but she also is really upset that it could be something that disgusts him and that maybe he won't see her as wife-material anymore. Jade says she regrets it sometimes, but she can't change it now.

Britt, Carly, and Kaitlyn headed off to an arena for their icy group date. Chris was standing in the middle of the ice when the lights went on. They laced up some hockey skates and did some ice skating. Once they were comfortable, they got some hockey sticks and pucks and took some shots at the net. Chris is a horrible skater and fell multiple times! It was funny!

After they were done skating, Britt told Chris that they all went to Arlington without him on a road trip. She tells him that she had a bad initial reaction, but that on the ride home she felt "really alive there". I think she thinks that if she says it enough, she'll start to believe it herself. Carly decides that she's going to tell Chris about Britt's real feelings. They sit down in the stands to talk and she tells him that while Arlington is small she liked it. She tells him that Britt said, "Oh my God, I could never live here. I can't picture it at all." She then tells him how Britt told Jade that she liked it. She says that she knows how much he likes Britt, and she wants him to be careful. Chris said it was a bomb that she dropped.

Then, they headed out for drinks and some more time for Chris to talk to each of them. Chris made it a priority to talk to Britt. Britt said that it has been a hard week but she wants him to meet her family and see her hometown. She said that they would have dinner and that they sit in the living room and eat a ton of food. Chris said that she saw a pretty unique part of his life, but he wanted her first impression. She was honest with her first impression and then said that she would like to reinvent herself and could try it. She said that there was never a "there's no way" but she wasn't sure at first. She said she realizes that the place is part of the package. So maybe she isn't being fully untruthful, but needed time for the place to grow on her and to really think about it.

Chris spoke to Kaitlyn next and she said that she's feeling a little step behind and she feels frustrated. Chris asked her how she felt about him and she said there is a big connection but there's a lack of time and she hasn't met anyone that's important to him like some of the other girls. He told her that he feels really good about where they are at. He told her that she stood out to him from day one and that they had a perfect one-on-one date and he's taking it all seriously. He decided that he needed to give her a date rose! She's guaranteed a hometown date! Britt couldn't believe it when he took the rose to Kaitlyn instead of her! Of course, she accepted the rose!

That's terrible for Carly, she didn't even get a chance to talk to him one-on-one this evening yet. It's like she had no chance! So then Chris is just sitting there and staring at Britt and Carly and they are not happy! He says that it was a great day and he knows how hard it is, and Britt says just "don't". He tells them that they are all amazing women, but Britt is still really upset. After Carly says she's happy for Kaitlyn, Britt agrees but says that she's really hurt. She says that she doesn't want to have her husband see her as second or third down the line and she wants him to want her back. Chris said that it was just the decision he felt was best and he was wondering if she wanted to leave. She said are you pushing me to want to leave? Chris said he can't say anything that will make a difference in front of Carly and Kaitlyn. On that note he left. It was horrible. Britt apologized for making Kaitlyn feel bad in that situation and Britt says that she's not sure she wants to bring Chris home now. Carly is like if anyone should be upset, it's me because I've only had one one-on-one date and zero validation. Carly is glad that Chris got to see Britt's true colors.

Britt cried and said that she feels awful now for talking to Chris in front of all of the other girls. She seems to think there is no coming back from this and she doesn't know if she could take him to meet her father. Tomorrow, Britt cries a lot and then pulls Chris aside before the rose ceremony. So we'll have to wait and see what happens! Then we get to see the hometown dates! Those are always the best!