'The Bachelor' Chris Soules learns some 'revealing' things during his hometown dates

ByJennifer Matarese KTRK logo
Tuesday, February 17, 2015
"The Bachelor" Chris Soules learns some revealing things during this week's hometown dates.

NEW YORK -- It's finally time for the hometown dates! This is the best part (other than the finale) of the show! It's so exciting to finally learn more about these ladies and how they turned out to be the people that they are today. But first, we have to finish up their time in Iowa.

Chris had a date with Becca in Des Moines, Iowa. They went to talk at the loft that Chris is staying in. She revealed to Chris that she's never told anyone that she has loved them before, even in her last relationship that was on and off for four years. I wonder if she's ever going to tell him that she's a virgin. Chris also seems concerned and yet intrigued by the fact that she hasn't ever told any guy that she's loved them and that he could be the first.

Back at the hotel, Britt talks to the ladies about her falling out with Chris. Whitney said that she thought that it seems petty to walk away just because she didn't get one rose on a group date. Britt says that after the conversation they had she's packed her stuff and she's planning to go home. She says that there is a 1% chance that her mind will change after she talks to Chris, and Carly tells her that she is just always changing her mind and opinion on everything. Then Britt walks into a hallway and there is just a cascade of tears as she just doesn't know what to do.

Then it was time for the rose ceremony. Is anyone else confused by this new format of the show? It's making things slightly hard to keep up with! Kaitlyn says that she thinks Britt is just trying to leave before Chris sends her home anyway. Carly thinks that Britt is just going to try to make Chris give her a rose before the ceremony. But wait! Chris Harrison walks in and informs them all that there will be no cocktail party, so that threw Britt's plan off completely.

Chris walked in and before he could start handing out roses, Britt interrupted him and asked him if he could talk to her. He agreed and off they went to talk. She apologized for the way she acted, confronting him in front of the other ladies on the group date. She asked him if he wanted to say anything to her and he said that she put him in a tough position and it made him question a lot of things. He told her ladies were questioning her, she told Chris that she didn't love Arlington at first but it would be worth it for him. He told her that the way Carly reacted is what he wants; the way that Britt reacted is not. She said OK, I understand, and then he walked her out. They had one last kiss, he said, "Take care", and off she went. She couldn't even really walk away so she sat outside and sobbed. All of the ladies could hear her inside. She seemed to be crying more about Carly than she was about Chris! She said, "I really trusted Carly." Chris was quite decisive in this! I thought he might give her a second chance, but nope! He seems to be beyond that at this point in the show.

In addition to Kaitlyn...Whitney, Becca, and Jade got roses. That meant poor Carly got sent home! I think she kind of got stuck in the friend zone. Never use your time with "The Bachelor" to talk about other women. It's a cardinal rule of the show! Yet, we see this time and time again. Jade cried because she felt so sad for Carly. She made the point that Carly could really see herself moving there and marrying Chris so it's just sad to see her hurting like that.

Becca was up first for her hometown date Shreveport, Louisiana. They took a walk around and talked about how her family would probably react and Chris said that he hopes he can express to them why he likes her so much. They did a lot of kissing in a little canoe while they talked! Chris brought a bottle of alcohol and some flowers for her family and they greeted him with a bunch of hugs. Her sister told Chris that they've never seen Becca with a guy before and she's never brought anyone home! Her sister pulled Chris aside and she told him that Becca is not a very affectionate or intimate person and she's never had the urge to be close to a man before. Chris said that he's concerned that Becca might not ever get to that point with him.

Becca's mom said that she was upset that Becca was doing the show at first. She said that the fact that she's never had a serious relationship and that she finds it disturbing that Becca is being so close with someone that is also doing those same things with other women at the same time. After the way the day went, Chris seemed to leave with a bunch of concerns while Becca seemed to think things went fantastic. Well, Chris told Becca to come with him after they left her parents' house and he took her to the State Fair to ride the Ferris wheel in a private ride. It was really romantic! One thing is for sure, he really does like her a lot and Becca said that she's starting to fall in love with him!

Whitney was up next in Chicago for her hometown date. Whitney said that she plans to tell Chris today that she loves him. She told him that they were going to go make a baby. Chris seemed a little caught off guard, but they went into her work so he could see what she does for a living. She and Chris changed into scrubs and he looked like a doctor! He thought he looked stupid though! It was awesome; he got to see the process of a sperm being put into an egg to make a baby! Oh my goodness, she gives Chris a sample cup and tells him to go spend some time alone with some dirty magazines and make a sample! Yikes! Whitney wanted to really test his sperm, he told her that his soldiers are marching and not to worry. She laughed and said, "Come on, you know I wouldn't do that to you!" That's hilarious!

Chris told Whitney that he wants to talk to someone that means a lot to her to get their blessing for him to be with her. Chris met her sister, brother-in-law, uncle and grandmother. Her Uncle Johnny is like a father to her, so Chris really wants his approval. Meantime, Whitney tells her sister that she loves Chris and her sister says but really, do you want to live in that small town? Whitney said that she wants Chris to propose and she wants her sister to give her blessing to Chris. Her sister doesn't want to though; she doesn't want it to end in a proposal because she seems to think it's so soon. Whitney is not happy with her sister right now! Chris did ask her sister and she said why don't you get back to me when she's the only one? Chris told Whitney that she wasn't expecting her sister to say no to him, and it wasn't exactly a no, but it wasn't a yes right now.

So to drive home her point that she doesn't care what her sister says; Whitney told Chris that she loves him 100%. Chris said that it was incredible and that he could see himself with Whitney forever.

Chris' next stop was Phoenix, Arizona for his hometown date with Kaitlyn. Their date started in a dirty alley and Chris loved it, he thought it was hilarious! They went inside to a recording studio where they are going to write and record a rap song. Ha! It was wonderfully terrible!

Later, Chris met Kaitlyn's family which included her parents who are divorced but still all are able to hang out together. They sat at an awesome table for dinner that has a fire pit in the middle! Her mom was very excited for her! She seems like a lady who just wants her daughter to follow her heart, but do it smartly. They didn't show anyone really talking to Chris about his intentions or anything so who knows, maybe that didn't even happen on this date.

He left with Kaitlyn and they went to a parking lot where Kaitlyn had taken out a billboard that said Kaitlyn "heart" Chris. So that's how Kaitlyn told Chris that she loves him! That's pretty bold Kaitlyn!

Lastly, Chris visited Jade in Dearing, Nebraska. After taking a look at the town, they walked over to her parents' house. Her parents, soon-to-be stepmother and her brothers. Chris sat down with Jade's father first and he told her dad that he admires Jade's small town values. Her dad told Chris that as far as past boyfriends go, Jade was too much for them. He said if he can love her unconditionally, he gives them his blessing 100%. Her brothers alluded to her modeling career and said that she might get married and settle down, but as long as they have known her she's a wild mustang and a free spirit. Chris was really surprised! Chris said he's never seen her wild side yet.

Her dad encouraged her to be honest with him and to show him who she is honestly and won't put her down for being her. As far as dads go, Jade's got a really good one. Not every dad could get over learning his daughter posed nude and bared it all from his coworkers, but this dad has and just wants true love for his daughter.

They were done with her parents' house, so Jade asked him to go somewhere that they could spend more time together and talk. Jade tells Chris that she's been judged on something a lot and it's that she modeled for Playboy. She offered to show Chris the photos and he said that if she felt like she needed to then "sure". He was totally not expecting it. So she takes out her computer and shows him the photos and he says "man". I think he saw the one with the "parts" and Chris said that the experience felt really odd and somewhat inappropriate. Jade even showed him the video! She danced around by herself in the video and took her clothes off. Chris said, "I didn't see that one coming, and now I'm blushing!" He told her that he judges her for the person that she is and he said that he wouldn't think any differently of her because of it and told her not to feel bad about it. "You're a beautiful woman and I don't think that is something that would affect our relationship. I like you for who you are as a person." This guy is a gem. Jade said that it couldn't have gone any better. He said that it could create some challenges in conservative Iowa but if she's his soul mate he's willing to whether it through with her and it doesn't mean that she can't be an amazing mother and wife.

Chris said that he's falling in love with multiple women and yet he's got to let one of them go back home at the rose ceremony. Chris handed out roses to Whitney, Kaitlyn, and Becca. That meant that Jade was eliminated. I am really shocked by this! I thought they shared a special moment. She has to think it's because of the pictures, but Chris said things were moving faster with some of the other girls and that's all there was to it. He even said that he didn't know if he was making the right decision, but it was the best decision he could make at that time. That was really hard to watch. Despite her "wild" past, Jade seems like an amazingly sweet person. Chris had tears in his eyes as he said goodbye to her. He said that he can't help but second-guess himself.

Next week, "The Bachelor" heads to Bali for the Fantasy Suite overnight dates. Becca reveals her virginity; Kaitlyn tries to open up more to Chris, and Whitney talks about if her career can transfer over to Iowa and if that's even a possibility. We'll have to wait and see!