'The Bachelor' Chris Soules on the woman he loves, and behind the scenes details

BySandy Kenyon WABC logo
Saturday, February 14, 2015
'The Bachelor' Chris Soules one-on-one with Sandy Kenyon
Sandy Kenyon gets behind the scenes details from Chris Soules about being 'The Bachelor'.

NEW YORK -- It's "The Bachelor" like you haven't seen him before. Chris Soules sits down with Sandy Kenyon in a candid conversation about life as "The Bachelor" and what it's really like behind the scenes.

Chris talks about how he didn't realize that as "The Bachelor" he would get called upon to speak in front of the ladies a group so often. Who knew he had insecurity when it came to public speaking!

"I mean, I'm a farmer, I don't speak in large groups," Soules said. "Mentally, being prepared to do something like that is out of my comfort zone."

The worst part is exactly what you would imagine it would be, sending the ladies home. That's never an easy thing to do.

Sandy Kenyon did his best to get Chris to give up the details about the woman he gives his final rose to. He wouldn't say whether living in Iowa made him make compromises as to whom he ends up with, but he said that he's "in love". Is he engaged? Chris wouldn't say.

"I'm pretty confident that I have found someone that is really important to me, it worked out really well, and I'm in love! I can tell you that!" Soules said.

He also went on to talk about what it was like to see a huge production crew and entourage come into his small town in Iowa. He seemed to think that it was an "exciting" time for people there and "great for the community."

To learn more details about Chris' experience as "The Bachelor" and hear more of Sandy's questions, watch the video of the interview!

Don't forget that this week "The Bachelor" is a two-night event! It begins on Sunday from 9- 11 p.m. and continues on Monday at its regular time at 8 p.m. on ABC!