'The Bachelor' Chris faces eliminated women on 'The Women Tell All'

ByJennifer Matarese KTRK logo
Tuesday, March 3, 2015

NEW YORK -- The eliminated women all returned for "The Women Tell All" special episode. This one promised to be especially explosive. Kelsey, Britt, Ashley I., Ashley S., and Jade were all there! But before we could get to the good stuff, they showed footage of Chris Harrison and Chris Soules crashing "Bachelor" watch parties.

Once the ladies were out on the stage, they recapped some of the funny moments from the show. For example, the crazy things Ashley S. said and of course, the black box over Jillian's butt. Then, they went back over all of the odd and creepy things that Kelsey said. That was followed by the feud between Britt and Carly. That's where the stage show picked up. Britt called Carly out for not being her friend. Then everyone kept yelling that it wasn't about them it was about Chris. Chris Harrison put an end (for now) to the bickering and called Britt up on stage. Jade said that Britt would be completely supportive to Chris but then would say things that were completely different in the house. Carly said some mean things about Jillian in front of Chris and apparently called her a man and stuff. She also backed up Britt and called her the most genuine, sweet person in the house. A lot of the other girls agreed. Britt said that she was unfairly edited with untrue comments by the women and then things that she was saying to Chris on their date. Britt and Carly go back and forth about their "she said, she said" situation. Britt said she absolutely move to Arlington. Chris ended their feud by saying that he could never see them seeing eye to eye on this topic. Britt cried and said she was "this close" to finding love on the show. It was actually really sad.

During the commercial break Britt cried and Chris Harrison asked, "Do you think you really could have ended up with him?" And Britt shook her head "yes" and cried.

Kelsey was up into the hot seat next. I felt like every time Chris Harrison said her name she would get a little suspicious look in her eye and do this little shoulder toss thing. It's really weird. Kelsey cried right away and said that the breakup brought her to the type of despair that she felt when her husband died. One woman jumped in right away and told her, "But you called it an amazing story!" Kelsey asked Chris Harrison for a tissue, he gave her his pocket square, and she proceeded to wipe her runny nose on it. Kelsey said she was going to keep it and Chris Harrison said, "It's yours now!" Kelsey talked for a while as the ladies kept trying to interrupt, but Chris Harrison wouldn't let them. He promised them a chance after the break.

Megan's dad died while running and she couldn't believe how Kelsey was on the show and how she acted with Chris. She thought Kelsey used the situation with her deceased husband to get a rose. Kelsey tried to defend herself, but Samantha said that she thought she missed out on getting a rose because Kelsey got a pity rose. Kelsey actually apologized for it. But then Samantha and the rest of the girls couldn't help but bring up her crazy emotional mood swings. Kelsey apologized for anything she could have done to offend all of them. Kelsey called Ashley I. out for saying that Sanderson isn't real, but of course he is! Some women supported Kelsey in saying that what Ashley I. had said was really mean, but that they still found her behavior bizarre for someone who lost their husband just a year and a half ago.

Ashley S. was out next to talk about her crazy times and crazy behavior on the show. I was really impressed by her ability to chop wood during the footage on the show. She brought Chris Harrison an onion that she grew herself! She said that she couldn't believe that the tree had real fruit growing on it, she thought it was an onion, it looked fake, and then it turned out to be real fruit...she stared blankly smiling at Chris Harrison. And then, he said, "OK"... Ashley S. apparently still doesn't believe that the accounting department does just accounting; she really thought they were betting on them! She said she was bored and she needed to wander around. She's fascinating! Ashley S. said that she found one cat to talk to and it "did not reply". She said when the cameras are around she just wants to be silly; she doesn't see the point in just crying all the time. Then, Chris Harrison invited her to be a part of "Bachelor in Paradise 2"! That's big news people! She did not accept thought, so I guess we'll have to wait and see.

During the next break, we got to see a clip of Chris Harrison on "Repeat After Me"! You can watch his entire segment on the hilarious show next Tuesday night on ABC!

Chris Harrison spoke to Jade next about what happened between her and Chris and if she thinks her "Playboy" photos and video played a role in their breakup. Jade said that she really wasn't sure because he made a point of saying it wasn't because of that. She suspects that he was just trying to spare her feelings though. He said in his blog that how her family described her to be and how she was around him were so different that it was "disturbing" to him. She said it crushed her.

Kaitlyn said that when he called Whitney's name her heart just broke. She said she felt more confident than ever at the rose ceremony and she said that they both told each other that they were falling in love with each other. She says she thinks about it every day. She wishes that he had given her a tiny sign that she wasn't the one so she would have expected it.

Chris came out and sat down with Britt. She told him that it's not his fault that he believed Carly, but that it wasn't true and she hates how they left on a sour note. She told him that she's proud of him and she respects him. Chris said the reason things didn't work out was because of their journey together, not because of what Carly said. He said that he based it on the things between them and nothing more. Kaitlyn meantime asked him how he could basically allow her to be blindsided. He told her that he was falling in love with all three of them and he was "throwing darts at a dartboard in the dark." He said he was still wavering at the rose ceremony and that's why he didn't let her go before.

Jade asked if she could approach the stage to talk to Chris about everything in person. So she went up and sat down and asked him if it was about the pictures or not. He said it was more because her personality seemed so different from what her family described to him. She said that if he didn't want to see the pictures right then and there she wishes that he would have said something other than have called it "awkward" later. He apologized but said that he was trying to do what she wanted to do. He said he's never looked at nude pictures of a girl he's dating with the girl he's dating. It didn't really seem resolved, but they hugged and Jade went back to the stage.

Lastly, they showed some funny outtakes from the show! They even highlighted some of Chris' different laughs like his "dolphin laugh". Of course there were a lot of outtakes with wild horses, bugs, and Whitney's frisky dog.

They officially announced that Chris Harrison wrote a book called "The Perfect Letter" and it comes out May 19th. That will hold you over until the next "Bachelorette"!

Next week, it's the dramatic finale! Who will Chris choose, Whitney or Becca? He looks pretty torn! Let's hope he actually picks someone!