2-on-1 date for 'The Bachelor' Chris filled with drama, jealousy grows among the women

ByJennifer Matarese KTRK logo
Tuesday, February 10, 2015

NEW YORK -- This week began where last week left off, with Kelsey freaking out and having a panic attack in the hallway. Smartly, she asked for Chris to meet her in the hallway while she had the oxygen mask on. All of the ladies are starting to call shenanigans on Kelsey's antics. Chris, the ever sensitive nice guy, apologized for freaking her out by not having a cocktail party. Kelsey then rejoined the ladies and acted like the she was the authority on all things Chris and she knows how serious he is about the whole "process".

Britt, Whitney, and Carly already had roses they got on their dates. Chris handed roses out to Jade, Kaitlyn, Megan, Becca, Ashley I., and Kelsey. That's right, crazy Kelsey got a rose. Poor alien-loving Mackenzie and Samantha who we never got to know didn't get roses and were sent home.

For their next adventure, Chris and his ladies headed to Deadwood, South Dakota. It's a Wild West town! This week there is a one-on-one date, a group date, and a two-on-one date where one woman will be sent home! The first card said, "Becca, let's give love a shot." So Becca got the one-on-one!

Becca met up with Chris in the woods and there were horses waiting for them. She's never ridden a horse before, but she took right to it. They toured the beautiful area and Chris said that she looked amazing riding a horse.

Back in the house, Whitney, Kaitlyn, and Carly called Kelsey a faker and wanted to know why she was being so weird about her deceased husband. She played the victim again and the tears started up while she talked to them. She told them that she was nervous and confused by Chris' reaction and she did not fake her panic attack and it was "terrifying". Carly told her that she wasn't very nice and she has sly comments. Kelsey told them that she is embarrassed and sorry. In an interview, she said that she didn't go through the death of a spouse and all of the difficulty with being on the show to be defeated by a bunch of girls.

After not seeing very much of Becca and Chris' date, the footage went right to the night where they were sitting by a fire eating kabobs. Becca and Chris really seemed to have a good rapport and clearly can make each other laugh! Becca got the date rose and Chris said that he had such an amazing day with her. They had a passionate kiss and Becca just let her inhibitions go. She said she was nervous about her family seeing her kiss on TV (she's also a virgin). She apologized to her dad in the interview section ha-ha!

Whitney, Jade, Britt, Kaitlyn, Carly, and Megan were selected for the group date, "Let's make sweet music together," the date card said. Ashley I. and Kelsey were guaranteed the two-on-one date. I couldn't think of two better people to put on that two-on-one!

The ladies on the group date showed up to their "music" date and got to meet "Big and Rich"! You'll remember them from "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy". Carly is very excited to be on this date because she is a singer! Jade had an awkward moment of running through the streets with Big Kenny. They are all supposed to be writing love songs and that's tough to do! Inside, the ladies watched Chris holding Britt and kissing her. That was totally inappropriate of him to do in front of everybody.

Once they were done writing their songs, they had to perform them for a small crowd at a bar. Chris sang a song to start things off, and wow, he should stick to farming! The women thought it was adorable. Britt wasn't bad, Whitney was a little rough, and Kaitlyn made the best of it by doing a rap. Megan did an acceptable job and Carly of course did an amazing job. She even brought Chris up to the stage and serenaded him! I can't believe she wrote that song in afternoon. I felt bad for Jade having to follow that! She's also clearly not a singer but had some very sweet lyrics.

Later there was a party with the ladies and Chris where they were all wondering who the date rose would go to. Kaitlyn and Chris' relationship seemed to grow as they sipped wine and talked about how "real" things were getting. Britt also got right up in Chris' face and decided to drag him away and they went for a walk down the street. Then they started sprinting away, right to where "Big and Rich" were having their concert. Britt and Chris danced and had fun at the concert while the rest of the ladies just waited around for him to get back. They even got called up on stage! Then Chris went to the side, grabbed a rose and gave her the rose in front of the entire crowd of screaming fans! What an experience!

I felt so bad for all of the other women when they saw Chris and Britt walk back in and Britt had the date rose. Chris tried to explain what happened and he said that he realized it was a hard situation and he wants it to not take anything away from how awesome the day was. They were so upset! Whitney couldn't believe that Britt doesn't even like country music and she got to go to the show. They were actually pretty mature about the situation by saying, sure Britt feels like she had the best day ever while the rest of the women feel humiliated.

At last it was time for Ashley I. and Kelsey to go on their two-on-one date. They took a helicopter to The Badlands, South Dakota. Maybe he'll get rid of both of them? We can dream! It was so awkward. They sat there on a blanket drinking wine and not saying anything. Ashley I. told Chris that Kelsey is the only one in the house who doesn't really talk to anyone else and that she's very strategic about her moves and she's fake. Chris said that he wants someone who gels in a group situation. Ashley said that she felt that she had to say that on behalf of all of the ladies in the house and Chris said that he appreciated it and didn't want to dwell on it.

Chris spent some time with Kelsey and that's what she was longing for this whole time. I felt like Chris approached his time with Kelsey very business-like. She told him that every week she is there it gets tougher and she said that she hopes that he knows that she would be a good wife because she's been one before. Ick. Chris said that he wants to be with someone who people want to be around. He told Kelsey that Ashley told him that she is being fake. Kelsey started to cry a little and said that she was hurt and she thought Ashley was her friend. She told Chris that she would hate for him to let go of the potential of them because of "girl talk".

Kelsey said that Ashley has "way too much makeup on to be genuine". Ha! Kelsey said that she's a woman and that she's not playing a game. Isn't this the same girl who said that she wanted to win? Kelsey told her "I know what you did, and I don't appreciate it." Ashley just said, "OK." Then she said that because she doesn't use big words in her everyday 2014 conversation that doesn't mean she's not as smart as her and she has her master's degree just like Kelsey. Ashley was super upset and stormed off to find Chris and call him out for telling Kelsey about their conversation.

Chris told Ashley he was just trying to hear Kelsey out. Chris said that Kelsey told him the comments that Ashley made were about a difference of maturity. Ashley said that she felt stupid that every time she's around him she cries. She said that she cares about Chris so much more than Kelsey does. She started getting a little snotty and her eye makeup was about to start running and there is a lot of it. Chris told Ashley that they are in different places in their lives, and the tears started up again. Chris told Ashley that he didn't think that he could give Ashley the lifestyle that she wants, and Ashley called out Britt! She said that there is no way that Britt honestly wants that either. Ashley got up and stormed off and then said "You're kidding me, Chris!" They hugged, and then she said "remember I tried to help you today." Kelsey sat there smiling. The ladies in the house gasped and said "Oh no!" when a producer wheeled Ashley's bag away. Some of them actually started crying out of the fear that Chris isn't who they thought he was for picking Kelsey over Ashley.

Chris then walked over to Kelsey and told her that he just sent Ashley home. He said that he's thought a lot about their conversation and he said that he just didn't know what was there between them. He said that he felt like the best thing he could do, would be to be honest with her and he didn't want to put her though being on the show longer than they need to be. He said that he realizes that she is there 110% and he can't be that person for her. He got on the helicopter alone and left. I'm assuming another helicopter got sent for Ashley and Kelsey? Ha! Then back at the house, a producer came and got Kelsey's bag and the women rejoiced! They hugged and cried! They poured drinks and had a toast over the fact that Kelsey was gone!

Next week, there's a two day "Bachelor" event, Sunday and Monday! Yay! It looks like Whitney drops the "L" bomb and Chris says that he's in love with more than one person. Later, they head to Iowa and they have to see if they can spend their lives there. There's a "Chris Tells All" episode and then the regular one. Kelsey tells her side of what happened and she says look out for "The Women Tell All" because it's going to be a crucifixion of Ashley.