Popular Thanksgiving dishes in every state according to Google data

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Wednesday, November 21, 2018
Popular Thanksgiving dishes in every state
Here's a look at Thanksgiving recipes each state has a relatively high interest in.

If you're watching recipe videos to help you prep for Thanksgiving, you're not alone, but the type of video you're watching may depend on where you live.

According to Google data, people are turning to recipe videos to help them in the kitchen more and more, with a 2.5 percent increase in recipe watch time over the past two years.

Google looked at popular recipe searches on YouTube for several classic dishes, including turkey, stuffing and apple pie, and ranked the states by their interest in each dish.

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So what's your state interested in? Here's a look at the dish each ranked the highest for. (Note: Some states had their highest ranking for more than one dish.)

Alabama: Turkey

Alaska : Mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce

Arizona: Mashed potatoes

Arkansas: Pecan pie

California: Mashed potatoes

Colorado : Pumpkin pie

Connecticut: Stuffing and mashed potatoes

Delaware: Mashed potatoes

Florida : Mashed potatoes

Georgia: Pecan pie

Hawaii: Stuffing

Idaho: Apple pie

Illinois: Mashed potatoes

Indiana: Pecan pie

Iowa: Mashed potatoes

Kansas: Cranberry sauce

Kentucky: Turkey

Louisiana: Pecan pie

Maine : Apple pie

Maryland: Apple pie

Massachusetts: Apple pie

Michigan: Apple pie

Minnesota: Turkey and apple pie

Mississippi: Pecan pie

Missouri: Turkey

Montana: Apple pie

Nebraska: Apple pie and pumpkin pie

Nevada: Cranberry sauce

New Hampshire: Stuffing

New Jersey: Mashed potatoes

New Mexico: Pumpkin pie

New York: Mashed potatoes

North Carolina: Pecan pie

North Dakota: Stuffing and cranberry sauce

Ohio: Stuffing and pumpkin pie

Oklahoma: Pecan pie

Oregon: Pumpkin pie

Pennsylvania: Stuffing

Rhode Island: Stuffing

South Carolina: Turkey

South Dakota: Mashed potatoes

Tennessee: Pecan pie

Texas: Pecan pie

Utah: Mashed potatoes

Vermont: Apple pie and pecan pie

Virginia: Cranberry sauce

Washington: Mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce

West Virginia: Turkey

Wisconsin: Turkey

Wyoming: Pecan pie